Some Things are Constant

Are you all grown up? Are we ever? There are many things about me that have evolved, especially in the last decade, with regard to personal growth and emotional development. I once read that a person’s basic personality and habits … Continue reading Some Things are Constant

A World in Progress/Forever Never

She simply would not allow her mind to drift to the darker aspect of the miracle, of the deception…. and a good thing it was, for the Dark Watcher had become ever more diligent in finding moments to peer through his portal, as always unable to control the impatience that permeated his being.

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Monochrome Moments

  Monochrome Moments Technicolor life, though brilliant and light, stimulating, bright in all of its wonder, can be missing you see the subtle clarity of those times we view the world around us through a lens which shows the shadows, the glows of perfection and knows the honesty in a moment thus viewed beckons the spirit’s shining hope of eternity’s home through a glimpse of its creation in monochrome. Cheryl KP copyright 2014 Continue reading Monochrome Moments

Warrior’s Awakening/Forever Never

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright 2014 images and text I must apologize if there are any typos. I am still in the midst of a major move and really wanted to get a new chapter up for my friend Peter at demogorgon’s fiction  and for those other faithful readers who have been kind enough to follow my humble story. We left our circle of friends on the ledge of the Warrior’s home, having experienced a profound vision, one that brought comfort, peace and a new sense of power to him.  But there remained one gift for … Continue reading Warrior’s Awakening/Forever Never