Somewhere/ Poetry

      Somewhere Somewhere  in the glint before sunrise  the truth is known. Between dark and light, between wrong and right     it waits. Somewhere  in the breath before we wake  our hearts find comfort. Behind the veil of sleep, behind the mists that seep  into thought. Somewhere  in the heartbeat of eternity   we made a vow. As we stepped in the Light, as we held each other tight   and leapt! Somewhere  in the shadows of your soul   you must remember. But you turn away from me, and you still refuse to see   my pain. Somewhere  between heaven and hell   love lies. And now … Continue reading Somewhere/ Poetry

New Longing/Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion Excerpt

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion By Cheryl Pennington copyright 2014 When we left the inhabitants of Domhan, its first Mother was feeling the pangs of loneliness now that her son was growing taller and moving from within the shadow of her care and constant attention.  Longing to feel the warmth of new life again, she struggles with her place in Amhain’s life now that his Father has moved to the forefront of his attentions.  In the land of Eolas, his companion Eagna questions whether they will ever know the joy of creating together and longs for her own infant to … Continue reading New Longing/Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion Excerpt

Beauty in Partnership/Poetry and Art

Hello, this past week I had the honor and pleasure of seeing a lovely piece of art done by a fellow g+ poster named Paul Hawarth.   It moved me so much that I could not rest until I found a way to express the feelings I had in written word. I told Paul it just seemed so mighty.   He was so kind to display our collaborative effort on his google page and, likewise, I am posting it here.  I hope you enjoy the words and image that we have blended together.  He was inspired to do this piece in light … Continue reading Beauty in Partnership/Poetry and Art