Revealed Beneath the moon, my soul revealed, the shadows fall away. No need to hide the wounds inside cowering before the day. Delicate touch, the Goddess caress, to heal the bleeding heart. It sears my skin as the darkness within reluctantly departs. Dancing light that woos, consoles, satisfies  desire. The hunger cries within my eyes, flames of endless fire. Cool me now, as I dance with you, a lilting gypsy tune and sail away with the stars that play in the house of Silver Moon. Cheryl KP copyright photo and words 2014 Continue reading Revealed

The Watcher/Poetry

The Keeper Good night, moon. You wink. I smile. We share a secret voyeur, friend, protector bright orb that connects hungry hearts by a silver lifeline of dreams. So sensuous, your mystery sings to all souls, taunting them with the hope of possibility. Then suddenly you are gone! Night moves in, so close.. darkness fills  my heart until you return, full and glowing once more, taunting me with my desire reflected in the glow of your satisfied transformation. Shall we dance, strip bare our reserve, leave off the mask of reality and dive into the ocean of desire together?  The … Continue reading The Watcher/Poetry