This morning I stepped outside to practice my appreciation of this life, this beautiful world, this new chance to be whatever I can within it. I say practice because few humans ever master the art of apprecaiation. Many may think they have mastered a lot of things; but I like the practice of meditation, appreciation and gratitude. It keeps me on the edge of discovery and bright expectation. Continue reading Clarity

Slitherin/Drama in the Garden

The snake has long been a symbol of the sexual/creative life force within humans. The Kundalini, or serpent fire lies coiled at the base of the spine. As we grow and develop, the primal energy is released, rising up the spine. This activates energy centers in the body and mind, opening new dimensions and levels of awareness, health, and creativity. Continue reading Slitherin/Drama in the Garden

Love Is In the Air…..Photography

While the new sprinkler whirled happily in the sunlight…pretty turtle…. the afternoon rose swayed gently in the breezes…… and the small creatures played in the shadows…. How sweet…a friendly game of Leap Lizard. Wait. …that’s not….you…guys…need… a quiet bush somewhere. … Continue reading Love Is In the Air…..Photography