Losing Me

Thus I emerge, wet, glistening

with dewy kiss of christening,

forget the past, soul free at last

and blink, now time is quickening. Continue reading Losing Me

Warrior’s Awakening/Forever Never

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright 2014 images and text I must apologize if there are any typos. I am still in the midst of a major move and really wanted to get a new chapter up for my friend Peter at demogorgon’s fiction  and for those other faithful readers who have been kind enough to follow my humble story. We left our circle of friends on the ledge of the Warrior’s home, having experienced a profound vision, one that brought comfort, peace and a new sense of power to him.  But there remained one gift for … Continue reading Warrior’s Awakening/Forever Never

Hello…Is There Anybody Out There?

So, this post is dedicated to a good friend who is frustrated with the glaring lack of awareness that has become an obvious problem for the human race. We, who share your frustration, empathize. I don’t know about you; but I’m going to keep trying to “phone home”.😊 And begs the larger question……. Is There Anybody IN There? Thank you David Gilmore and Pink Floyd for your brilliance, talent and excruciatingly poignant insight. The photo above is not my own, nor do I take credit for it. Calvin and Hobbs us a copyrighted comic series. Continue reading Hello…Is There Anybody Out There?

New Longing/Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion Excerpt

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion By Cheryl Pennington copyright 2014 When we left the inhabitants of Domhan, its first Mother was feeling the pangs of loneliness now that her son was growing taller and moving from within the shadow of her care and constant attention.  Longing to feel the warmth of new life again, she struggles with her place in Amhain’s life now that his Father has moved to the forefront of his attentions.  In the land of Eolas, his companion Eagna questions whether they will ever know the joy of creating together and longs for her own infant to … Continue reading New Longing/Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion Excerpt

Flashback/Still Me

YEP..me That was my constant state at the age of sixteen.  Reflective, contemplative, dreamy.  I didn’t find out until years later that what others saw when they looked at me was “sad” or “unhappy” or, better yet, “stuck up”. That one was a personal favorite and it gave me quite a chuckle. What in the entire world would I ever have to be stuck up about, I wondered.  And how bizarre the game of perception is.  If only they knew how tortured I was to even look them in the eye, to have to stand up in a full classroom … Continue reading Flashback/Still Me

A Name for the Miracle/Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl KP  copyright 2014 You can find previous chapters under the Forever Never heading in the search bar to the side. The story continues….. When we left the Garden, the ceremony of celebration was underway, joined by the Creators, ALL of them, including the dark God Ar’tine, in the form of a magnificent wolf.  But not everyone is convinced of his transformation of Light as Dohman’s Mother joins the circle, angry to see her brother’s creation so close to the miracle of hope. Perhaps it was M’na’s desperate plea on behalf of the dark God or Mac’s act of defense … Continue reading A Name for the Miracle/Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion


Rebirth When, spreading my wings to the open sky I let the breath of God dry the dampness of birth from my body, I turn my face to the brilliance of Life, drink in its possibilities, disown my fear of leaving the womb And with a sudden rush of ecstasy, the wind whispers my name and sweeps me into the arms of freedom! Soaring, gliding to Nowhere, Somewhere, Everywhere- The Unknown. Cheryl KP copyright Continue reading Rebirth/Poetry

Cloak of Invisibility

Invisible Watching the parade and longing to ride, but stand in the shadows,  needing to hide. Wings are not clipped, so why not soar? Afraid to enter an opening door. Visibility to some the ultimate goal, to another the threat of losing their soul. Why seems it a sin to want only to live, to answer when called and with everything give? No production! No success! No fame! No coin! Just… quiet happiness. Making beautiful things for their own sake, not to barter or sell but any may take. Invisible I am in a crowded place, for they look right … Continue reading Cloak of Invisibility

Autumn of My Life

Autumn of My Life by Cheryl P Fear Not! The season calls to me. No tears, no reason to be slow, for now your freedom calls. In Spring too busy blooming, you Forgot to also nurture self, pleasing others with your glow. Summer saw you fight the tide. It etched its work upon your brow as you left footprints on the shore. Autumn is not the time to cease, the leaves creating confetti for your life’s ticker tape parade-a job well done! Enjoy the glow of twilight. Embrace the golden hues of life, renew your soul’s resolve. Winter need not … Continue reading Autumn of My Life