The Journey Begins

A billowy cloud floated through his mind, the fading image of a garden, hung thick with vines and lush green leaves, a haven where he had known contentment. He walked the shady path through the woods, into the clearing where she waited. Continue reading The Journey Begins

If Ever I Loved You

One does not find

who fears to seek,

questions unanswered

by one too meek

to ask. Continue reading If Ever I Loved You

A Crowded House/Forever Never

“He is very fine, Mna,” whispered Eagna. “I hope I will be as blessed with such devotion and love with our child.” She stroked her stomach and then reached out to touch Mna’s rounded belly. At the same moment Mna moved to stroke her friend’s stomach; and when they touched one another simultaneously, the life within them kicked happily. They both laughed uncontrollably for a few seconds, giddy with the sensation. “Already they are friends,” smiled Mna. Continue reading A Crowded House/Forever Never