A Sorceress’s Adventure

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright 2014 As Eolas and Laoch make their way to the source of the endless smoke spirals, The Sorceress accompanies Eagna back to her home. They will find more than rest and comfort on the morrow as their circle grows to include more of Domhan’s living essence. A Sorceress’s Tale Ignoring Eolas’ advice to make the trip slowly, Eagna pushed steadily on toward their home, with the White Tiger keeping pace beside her, only stopping now and then to eat the food they brought along.  Eagna’s hand remained buried in the white … Continue reading A Sorceress’s Adventure

Warrior’s Awakening/Forever Never

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright 2014 images and text I must apologize if there are any typos. I am still in the midst of a major move and really wanted to get a new chapter up for my friend Peter at demogorgon’s fiction  and for those other faithful readers who have been kind enough to follow my humble story. We left our circle of friends on the ledge of the Warrior’s home, having experienced a profound vision, one that brought comfort, peace and a new sense of power to him.  But there remained one gift for … Continue reading Warrior’s Awakening/Forever Never

Butterfly Ballet/Butterfly Magic at Hacienda Baru

Recently we made a short trip to Hacienda Baru Nature Preserve, near Dominical, Costa Rica. There are cabinas there with several trails for hiking, a great open air restaurant, and a beautiful butterfly garden. I could have stayed watching and snapping photos for days; but we just weren’t prepared for a long visit. We plan to return soon with friends and do some serious hiking.  That is, if they can tear me away from the dancers in the garden….Here is some of the magic of that afternoon….   Immersed in its Butterfly Ballet upon the golden stage, the delicate dancer … Continue reading Butterfly Ballet/Butterfly Magic at Hacienda Baru

Darkness in the Garden/Deception Arises/Forver Never

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington “Darkness in the Garden/Deception Arises” It comes…..but what does it want?  And who will be able to intervene in time?    Darkness in the Garden“Ahhhh…..how good it is to breathe the air … Continue reading Darkness in the Garden/Deception Arises/Forver Never

King of Wishes

I did this piece of art for a relative some time ago… The King of Wishes The light dances across my head, warming my fluid world- so quiet. Soon will come the shadow hands that throw the miracle gray specks. Through the thrashing color and light I fight for my portion of life. The shadows recede all too quickly with no pennies left to spend or throw. Copper disks are scattered below, remnants of the wishful who believe. Perhaps I will collect them all and pierce the crystal surface, rising, For I am the King of Wishes drifting along teal waters in secret. Sshhhhh……. Cheryl KP Continue reading King of Wishes

Jack’s Kiss/A Wintry Affair

Jack’s Kiss Why shrink you so from my advances, delicate bloom? Do you find me so abhorrent; you, who flourish in the face of my cousin’s golden light? Why do you hang your head in cold silence? Am I not worthy of your smile, your scent, your soft and kind morning face? Why do you weep such hardened tears for me? Do you not know I am but a fleeting stranger in your midst that soon will retreat? Why do you keep your silent vigil for Springtime? Do you not know that seasons pass, must last, no matter that you … Continue reading Jack’s Kiss/A Wintry Affair

Costa Rica Hotels

LA POSADA JUNGLE BUNGALOWS, Manuel Antonio Beach Okay, so today I am feeling nostalgic and also a need to return to the source of creating my blog. While I continue to have beautiful adventures back home in the states, I feel I must continue to pay homage to my inspiration. The beautiful country of Costa Rica presented me with many emotions-wonder, awe, fear of the unknown, inspiration and love.  It also afforded me some of the richest opportunities of my life. We made friends, saw amazing wildlife, lived simply and fully, all the while not fully comprehending the magic of … Continue reading Costa Rica Hotels