Christmas Hike Into the Past

To say that this Christmas was underwhelming in a material way would be fairly accurate compared to those of the past, when we rushed around, manically trying to purchase those things we think we need, that others want or that … Continue reading Christmas Hike Into the Past

The Lights Before Christmas

The Lights Before Christmas ‘Twas the week before Christmas and Dad understood The magical spell of the glow in the ‘hood. Each lawn was ablaze with twinkling lights While billowing Santas danced with delight. Mama was ready to jump in the car And cruise back in time where sweet memories are. As they slowly rode up and down every street She could scarcely sit still in the warmth of her seat Her mind racing  back to the time she was young The trees they’d adorned and the stockings they’d hung Singing Christmas Carols as they sat on the floor Using … Continue reading The Lights Before Christmas