Seasons in the Sun #SoCS/ Twofer

Hey, Hi my friends, for truly I consider you all friends in many different ways. We share thoughts, kindnesses, opinions and ideas. I don’t do that with my acquaintances. Today’s SoCS prompt, brought to you by Linda Hill was ‘season’. As it … Continue reading Seasons in the Sun #SoCS/ Twofer

Real Neat Surprise!!

Now isn’t this a lovely picture?  It just fills you with little bubbles of joy.  Well it sure did that for me; and I must begin by giving a great big thanks to my friend over at for this wonderful surprise.  I am not all about awards but it is sure nice when someone thinks about us in an extra special way from time to time and a little ray of spotlight finds its way to our door. Thanks so much and we all appreciate your wonderful posts, photos and thoughts about life, nature and living. So, in the … Continue reading Real Neat Surprise!!

Writing Process Blog Tour/I Am Such a Turtle

I know I said a turtle, but I wanted to introduce you to a friend of mine from Costa Rica. He can attest to my sincerity when I say thank you to Julia Lund for tagging me to be a … Continue reading Writing Process Blog Tour/I Am Such a Turtle

A Day Late but Thankful…

Okay, I must admit I do have a legitimate excuse, what with dismantling my life in the states and moving to Costa Rica where, admittedly, there are more paradise days than I thought I ever deserved and yet-still-it is a lot of work to unpack and rebuild.  Things are a bit trickier here. My greatest challenge to date has been to find a mop bucket with a wringer and I can say-Hallelujah! My husband, the self proclaimed Hunter/Gatherer that he is, managed to find one.  Now I can happily get on with the business of scrubbing, cleaning, mopping….wait, what’s wrong … Continue reading A Day Late but Thankful…

Apologies, Appreciation and Awards..

How many ways are there to say, “Thank you?” There are more than words, I assure you.  But there are not enough words to express how very thankful I am for the world that has been opened up for me via this blogging avenue that I have only come to know within a short year’s time.  i am grateful for those of you who have decided to follow my blog, reading my words faithfully and leaving me kind comments, offering support and encouragement, and sharing your own experiences as well.  I appreciate the casual passersby as well and thank you … Continue reading Apologies, Appreciation and Awards..