Comes the Morn

When soft comes the morn on light’s whispers born and dewdrops gleaming, Earth’s bosom teeming with waking life! ‘Tis in that moment of dusk to dawn when blossoms flutter and canyons yawn,  fingers loosen their grip and dreams quietly slip … Continue reading Comes the Morn

The Dawn of the Dream

It was a risk, for there certainly were rumors of those who had gone in the direction of the white mountains-had gone but not returned. The brave few who courageously dared enter the dense forest had eventually turned back, straggling home with awful stories of low crawling creatures in those woods, things that caused nightmares. Amhain laughed out loud to think of their nightmares. What did they know of true nightmares, after all? The Mother of all nightmares had visited itself upon his world what seemed so long ago that it was as in another lifetime. Such a twisted event had born the cloak of darkness which fathered his own Grand Nightmare, the one that repeated itself again and again, for so many nights that he had lost count. Continue reading The Dawn of the Dream