Healing Power of Earth Angels

Or……..peace in the Butterfly Garden It all started where it ended…a very long work week that left me feeling, well, a little frayed… Annnnnd I was on schedule for Saturday am for a few hours too.  The one ray of … Continue reading Healing Power of Earth Angels

Angel Wings

I have to state it up front here. I believe in miracles.  I AM a miracle.  My parents held me with sky high fever in the throes of spinal meningitis when I was only 3 months old. The doctor looked at them and said he had done all he could and it was in God’s hands.  My parents believed in miracles and my Mother told me regularly as I was growing up that I had a purpose.  I am only just now coming to accept that this is true. I spent most of my life feeling conspicuous and out of … Continue reading Angel Wings

Secrets/Heaven and Earth/Poetry

Secrets Pssst… sweet cherub,   may I borrow your wings? Oh, no, my Mother would be angry. Can you teach me to swim in the pond, little frog? Oh no, your lovely wings would be covered in mud! Could you take me to fly in the heavens? Oh no, I am not allowed to carry a soul. Will you share your lily pad with me? Oh no, for surely you will make us sink. Well, little green, what if I use my wings; and holding you in my arms, we float above the water? Oh yes! How grand that would … Continue reading Secrets/Heaven and Earth/Poetry

The Life and Soul of Me

    The Life and Soul   A breath! A whisper, a prayer.. I came into the world, but not alone. So great was the Creator’s love for me you were sent along.   Comforter! Consort, tormentor, friend, my heart’s deepest desires you share. We move in time, this dance of life until our days shall end.   Together Entwined, combined, one mind along the winding path we see the weeds, the seeds, the undertones, the shadows linger over we.   Descend the pit, the hollow well of pain- and you gently take my heart. Hold it safely to your … Continue reading The Life and Soul of Me