♫ Imagine ♫

Thank you Jill. Timeless relevant message from dear John…

Filosofa's Word

I seem to play this one at least once every year, but it never becomes dated, never loses its relevance to what is happening in our world.  In the past, I usually only provided the song, along with my own commentary, but no trivia.  This time, I thought I’d add a bit of the history of the song.

John Lennon wrote and recorded this song at his Tittenhurst Park estate in the English countryside where he and Yoko took up residence in the summer of 1969. When they moved to Tittenhurst, The Beatles hadn’t officially broken up, but they were on the outs and would never record together again (the last Beatles photo shoot took place there in August, 1969).

In early 1971, Lennon worked up songs for a new album – Imagine was one of them. In May, he summoned several of his musical cohorts to Tittenhurst to record…

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