Book One is Done! – #1LinerWeds

My good friend and author, Dan Antion, went live with his new series book ‘Knuckleheads’ on Amazon today. Check out his post for all the details. I can tell you it’s an intriguing and fun read. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

No Facilities

Normally, my one-liners come with a lead-in, a backstory. Often those are far more than one line. Today it’s different – one-liner first, then the rest of the story.

“Knuckleheads” is available for purchase on Amazon!

The copyright doesn’t appear on the cover, but I ‘m too tired to remove it from the photo.

“Knuckleheads” is the first book in the “Dreamer’s Alliance Series.” Believe it or not, there are already two other books in this series – they are not yet available, but they will be released later this year. If you want to know why I didn’t release them as they were written, I kept having to make changes across the series. What can I say, it’s my first day.

The series began as a novel, (working title, “The Evil You Choose”) and a sequel to that novel, (working title, “When Evil Chooses You”). Both books feature the…

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