Photographs and Memories..

I may not have any digital space left for uploading images but I have hundreds already here, lost among old posts and forgotten. But, like all sweet memories, they remain. Think I’ll share them with you in pages, like a moving photo album…

Finding commonality in all things creative

Hi, my name is Cheryl. So far I have been granted 60 yrs, 10 mos and 2 days to see Light and be Light on this Earth. That is approximately 22, 202 days, not accounting for monthly variances and good old Leap Years. What is that nonsense all about anyway? Daylight Savings Time? As if you could save daylight. More like merchant profitability time. 😏

The light sustains all of life, for nothing could exist without it. It is precious to me.

Knowing the power of Light

Every chance I get I reach for it.  I walk outside and feel it on my skin, see its influence in everything around me, and know without light there would be no color…


There would be no rainbows without light against the sky and no rosy blooms would attract the butterfly…

So many sunsets..

And the best part of all is the constancy of light. It may fade, giving all a chance to rest; but faithfully it returns at Creation’s behest.

Blink if you must but be quick, for the coming and going is the best part of the trick!



16 thoughts on “Photographs and Memories..

    1. Thanks so much. I have done a lot of that but it is very time consuming and now that the Block Editor has asserted itself, I just find it too time consuming to post easily in WP. Thanks for the good tip and for stopping by!

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  1. I too love light and being a morning person gives me lots of opportunities to enjoy it. Of course being in Arizona now gives me even more!! Lovely shots and memories. Stay well.



  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. I don’t care if they’ve been here before. I’m watching sports that have been played before, movies that were popular before I was born and TV series that have survived 50 years while the stuff they make today can’t last long enough to enter syndication.

    Beauty and good art survives!
    Take care ad stay well, Cheryl.

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    1. Thanks Dan. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. Discouragement is the bitter assassin of clarity. I am managing to find a few good films on Netflix. Taking photos of the bees and birds. Nature never disappoints.


      1. I updated it so check again. I added a button for likes although it doesn’t say ‘like’. There is a Reactions button. There is a share button and the reply option follows the comments. All comments go to moderation so won’t show up until I approve them. Thanks for checking out the new space!

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  3. Ohhh so good to see you, Cheryl! I really enjoy your photos and yes light is so precious!
    Keep well dear and stay safe.
    Hugs and kisses your way from Greece 🙂


    1. Hello again! I have another space on Blogger but not many follow the links there so I want to keep in touch with all my blogging friends and try to maintain both sites. You stay safe as well. Hugs.

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