Listen Children, to a Story… #1LinerWeds

that was written long ago, ‘bout a Kingdom on a mountain….


I love this version; but as a teen, one of my film heroes was Billy Jack. This song keeps rolling through my mind these days….


Rest in Peace, Tom Laughlin.

Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me….

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34 thoughts on “Listen Children, to a Story… #1LinerWeds

  1. I loved the movie, Billy Jack. Saw it with my soulmate. Watched it many times. Learned to play One Tin Soldier it on the guitar. I think I can still pick out the intro if I work on it. My daughter went to see the band, Coven, in concert a few months ago. They’re mostly heavy metal now, but they did play “One Tin Soldier.”

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    1. Tha ks Deborah. I am too. I was emotionally one of those young people in that movie. Same age, same angst and hope for change in the world. To know what a true activist Tom Laughlin was was also encouraging.


    1. Thanks Dan. WordPress is getting so difficult for me to write though, with my blogs connected and my theme not having an admin sign in tab like my old one did. I almost didn’t get this done. I had to link on the new blog. Oh well. I always cry at the end of Billy Jack. Sometimes I cry just hearing this song. So many wars, so little prize. 😞

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