Sneaky Peek/Photography

Visit my new blog for the latest posts. Sadly, I am out of photo space here. I hope you will also explore past posts. There might be something you’ll enjoy here! Or there. And do leave a message. I love hearing from you. 😊

13 thoughts on “Sneaky Peek/Photography

  1. That is a beautiful pose of the squirrel. Very unusual. You mentioned you are out of photo space on WordPress. What I do is shrink the files that go to WordPress to 15-25% in Microsoft Paint and then upload them to WordPress. This cuts down on the space used in WordPress. I keep the full sized originals on thumb drives.

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  2. I found you new site when you moved there. I have often thought about upgrading my current WP site so I don’t run up against the too many photos problem. I don’t post too many images at once to help keep it at bay a while longer.

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