11 thoughts on “Shines to Bless/#SoCS

  1. I know you are working on your new blog. For what it is worth, here are some suggestions. Install a “follow” button on your new place. Right now the WP follow only gets your followers to the reader. Also, I would allow comments permanently and only set the no comments when you want. Your new place looks great.

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    1. I’ll have to check on these things John. I have been getting follows so not sure about the comments. I thought I set things correctly but the formatting has changed to suit the youngsters’ ideas of ‘easy’ and convenient. Thanks!

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      1. I couldn’t leave a comment that’s why I came over here. You will get notified that you have a follower unfortunately unless that follower sets an alert they won’t know when you publish. If you have a button your followers will get a notification unless they go in to set it otherwise.

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      2. I’m confused. Are you talking about the old site? Most followers are just following the new blog and will get notifications. I just put the link on the old site in case anyone stops there or needs redirecting. I’m not linking them though.

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      3. The follow box appears at the bottom when the page first comes up. It can disappear when scrolling but will come back. It is not a static button but this is the new follow method on most all the blogs I follow. For nearly 8 mos WordPress has changed its notification process. I think it was a lot of trouble to go in and stop instant notifications for people and for me personally my mailbox was jammed every Friday. Now when I follow anyone in WP a notice pops up to say new posts from that blog will appear in my reader unless I go into settings and change it. At this point I have my notifications down to those blogs I i teract most closely with. The others I check theough my reader. It is a settings issue on your end.

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