Well, friends, I am quite uncertain at this point.  I am uncertain about continuing this blog or starting a new one or giving up blogging for awhile.  I love this space and meeting so many wonderful, creative and warm people here.  But my photo queue is full, leaving me with the dilemma of going through the blog and deleting posts and photos with them, upgrading the site and paying for more space which will also run out eventually or starting a new blog.  Then there is the fact that I need to work on my other projects instead of dabbling in photography, my book, jewelry and art projects.  I just don’t know.  But I have a few new photos from our wonderful time last weekend at the Chatahoochie Nature Center and I will share those.  I hope your week is going well.  Love you all!


The trails were amazing, and we only scratched the surface of available hiking
One area of the park was called The Enchanted Woodland Trail
Teeny tiny bicycle in front of a teeny tiny house!
Christmas in the Pixie world


There was a section called The Enchanted Woodland Trail and all along it were these tiny houses tucked behind trees, stumps and bushes, designed by individual artists (or pixies!) and decorated in many ways.  Some had tiny bicycles, animals and other accessories.  Every one was unique and creative.  I wish I had more space to show them all to you here.  Stay tuned……



35 thoughts on “Uncertain

  1. I hear you about the photo storage space on here. I ran out awhile back, so deleted a bunch of photos, then got a paid WP deal, and it will be full too, one of these day. I wish there wasn’t a limit! So, if we start a new blog, we get new space? That’s something to think about. I do love seeing photos on everyone’s blogs! Hope it all works out for you. 🙂

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  2. Cheryl, I would miss your presence here, but I completely understand your situation and priorities. I’ve been thinking about going through blog photos and posts and perhaps deleting some of the early ones. One of these days the storage limit is going to catch up with me as well. Whatever you do, I hope you will continue to stay in touch with G+ and Instagram.

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  3. Cheryl, the storage & time dilemma seems to get many of us in blogland. To keep the Before Sundown blog alive,I post once a month, change header sunset & support a fellow blogger friend. 2018 goal made to write everyday & have the book draft done this year! I’m sticking to it! Balance time & content may be the answer for you. Good thoughts!!☺️ Christine

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  4. Every WordPress user has three blogs for free. I’m on my third now. I guess you’re finishing your first, so two to go. 🙂

    I’m not in favour of deleting old stuff, it’s all a testament of time, so I left my first two as they were.

    You will know what to do. In any case, I’d be happy if you continue because you give joy, such as these lovely glimpses from today. ❤

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  5. It would seem strange not to have your blog posts popping up in my feed- but I guess there comes a time when things change … whatever you decide, I hope you still keep up other social media so we don’t lose touch. I love seeing your world through your pictures.

    My blogging has taken a back seat the past twelve months and I’m not sure how to proceed – whether to proceed. Limited energy means choosing priorities. Looks like 2018 has got us both thinking about blogs…

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    1. Sending all the best thoughts for your health and energy Julia. Sometimes it is merly about transitionand transformation. I have never been one to linger too long on any one thing but I do enjoy my interactions blogging. I may just start a new one. If I do, I will certainly leave a link here. Take care and thanks!


  6. That’s a tricky one. I’d say take a break whatever you eventually decide because we’ll all still be here! I’d also be tempted to start a new blog with a completely different design so it feels like a truly fresh start. That’s my tuppenny ha’penny worth!

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  7. Bummer about the space. I haven’t been at it long enough so I think I’m okay for now. Time is another matter. I am finding I need to prioritize and get some posts drafted in advance if I want to keep up. Good luck, whatever you do.

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  8. The space issue is a challenge, Cheryl. I opted for a premium plan, but it will eventually run out, and if I ever decide that I want to stop paying for it, I’d have to thin it out very quickly.

    The time issue is even harder to deal with. When you’re trying to manage several projects and interests, it’s hard to find enough time. I wish you luck.

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      1. WordPress lets you link photos from Google Photos. I don’t know if they count against your WordPress storage if you do that. I know when I used to link to photos on Flickr, WordPress only stored a thumbnail image


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