Fire in the Hole! #1LinerWeds

It was a fun Christmas with lots of little treasures even though we tried to keep things low key.  My sons gave us some fun gifts and these from our youngest were no exception.




The hubs loves hot sauces and this variety box brought some smiles and knowing looks between those guys.  Will they all be tried? I almost hope not!  Some of these look like serious sauces, sure to bring out the early morning shout of, “Fire in the hole!”



Thank goodness I got what I wanted as well.  I have really been longing for those nice, stone freezable ice cubes for keeping my Old Fashion drinks extra cold without the usual watering down process.  How fortunate that son and his girlfriend gave me a set for Christmas.  Win, win!




So, weather notwithstanding, it was a ‘Fire and Ice’ holiday all around.  ;D

This post brought to you by Linda Hill’s One Liner Wednesday and JusJoJan prompts. Check out her page for details.

12 thoughts on “Fire in the Hole! #1LinerWeds

    1. I like flavors and a bit of heat but nothing extreme. I think the plan is to experiment with various foods as a seasoning. As long as I don’t try to chomp the stones like I do regular ice it will be okay. Hubby is concerned I might chip a tooth. My Ralph Nader…😉

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