The Promise/Poetry




A single thought,

precious seed

from which Creation

unfurled and curled

its tendrils round

and wound the

ticking clock of time,

reason and rhyme

falling from the sky

like icy kisses.

I turned my face

upward into space

to taste the frozen

tears she cried

and realized how

alone I was down here

no longer near to the

heart of Eternity-

just me and all

of humanity, alone

were we.

Softly she whispered

touching my cheek,

“My thought, your dream

is all and more than

it seems.

It can bend, fold,

expand and hold

all of the dreams in

numbers untold-


Dreams can be

mangled, entangled

if rushed, then crushed

beneath the heel of fear.

Remember my face,

your celestial place,

as beguiled my child,

you will be.

Wonder, delight,

darkness and light

so contrary to perfection

define your reflection

in the mirror of a life.”

I closed my eyes,

she touched my soul

leaving me whole

and comforted.

I blushed, flushed,

excited, terrified,

nowhere to hide

from her sight,

let go a breath

as cold as death

and vowed to dream

most brilliantly!


Cheryl KP Copyright 2017









15 thoughts on “The Promise/Poetry

  1. I’m speechless. Your words struck a chord deeply inside of me reassuring me that what I just have traveled through and where I am at this present time, is preparation for the “Dream” to unfold. First death, chaos, pain …. terror, tears, fears … quiet, peace, tranquility … leading to the fold of the place between in the in-breath and the out-breath. Your images are breathtaking, Cheryl. Thank you SO much for this post today!


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