Christmas Hike Into the Past

To say that this Christmas was underwhelming in a material way would be fairly accurate compared to those of the past, when we rushed around, manically trying to purchase those things we think we need, that others want or that will make the ‘perfect’ gift.  This year we did what we promised we would do every other year.  We got a few key items for close family without going overboard and we did not try to buy one another  gifts.  We do so much for each other throughout the year and get what we really want when the time is right.  It took a lot of pressure off.  We got some surprise gifts from family and acquaintances and spent some lovely days together, just chilling and cooking, enjoying the peace and tranquility.

I do get the need, however, to be somewhere other than work and home; and when the sun finally decided to show today I asked if we could take a drive.  I cooked up the food, we ate (at the table and not in the living room in front of the tv!), cleaned up together and then bundled up for that drive.  Hubby had driven through a part of this National Park when shopping last week and looked it up online for more details.  While we only managed to visit a small area today, we know it will be a place to visit more than once!

The Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park is located in Kennesaw/Marietta, Georgia.  The park covers 2,965 acres and preserves a Civil War battleground of the Atlanta Campaign. Opposing forces maneuvered and fought here from June 19, 1864 through July 2, 1864. Read more about the park at the link above. I wanted to share some of the photos from today with you here.  It was SO cold but we were bundled and determined to walk at least part of the trails.  And we WILL go back.




It was particularly poignant to be in such a secluded, dense and frigidly cold woods, imagining the events that took place there-the lives lost, the men struggling to stay alive and facing enemies that should have been friends and neighbors.  Although the battle here was fought in the heat of Summer, this war carried through some long Winter months as well. There is nothing so cold as war, whatever the temperature is, and the thought of it happening Right where I stood was quite overwhelming.  I did finally see some deer when we were driving but could not get stopped before they fled.  Maybe next time…



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I didn’t comment on the photos. I think they speak volumes for themselves. I look forward to our next journey and hopefully a lot more hiking!




And then there was this little guy.  You know that I am very connected to nature and believe that often birds are messengers from the spirit world.  I spotted this little guy from across the field and began snapping photos before I got close.  He flitted from the edge of the fence to the center. Not until I began editing the shots did I realize where he first was sitting and how clearly could be read the name and information on that headstone.  Could it be this soldier was sending a message?  If so, it was quite beautiful.


I hope you all had a beautiful and peaceful holiday.  On to 2018 and hopefully a brighter year!



12 thoughts on “Christmas Hike Into the Past

  1. What a beautiful and peaceful place it’s become in spite of the past battles there.

    My son and I would love to visit this place and other places like it. We’re history buffs.

    I love that you didn’t focus on the material aspects of Christmas, but chose to focus on the true meaning of Love, and Togetherness.
    I’m all about that. That’s all I wanted for Christmas. He-Man and I are the same. We just give each other something that will fit in our stockings since we buy what we need or want throughout the year. I only ask my children to be home Christmas. 🙂


    1. That sounds really special Deborah. You and your son would definitely enjoy this place. I look forward to more exploration. This year we got some nice gifts from our boys who are doing much better. We try to take care of them and the grandchildren but even that is less than it used to be. I wish they lived closer so we could have them all over for dinner. Aybe next year. We did get to spend Thanksgiving with them all at one point or another. I live my new home and job and that is the best gift ever for me. Happy New Year!

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  2. Cheryl, that looks like such a peaceful place to take a Christmas Day stroll. Beautiful photos! I had a holiday similar to yours – very laid back, less stressful than many of the past. I made it a point this year to enjoy Christmas rather than stress over it and it’s been one of the best in recent memory. As for the cold, I’ll trade you! 😉


    1. I’m glad you had a peaceful holiday, Mary. As for the weather, we are looking at possible snow again in a few days. It was frigid cold out there on that hillside. Hazy light and a brisk wind, about 38 degrees. But so beautiful.


  3. What a beautiful place to escape the commercial aspects of Christmas and reconnect with the spiritual side. War is a horrible thing, and sometimes, walking through a battlefield reminds us of the sheer nonsense that brings us to that awful state.

    Greta photos today, Cheryl. I look forward to many more as the seasons change and you have opportunities to visit again.


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