Through the Keyhole Darkly



What do you see,

dear Mother,

from way up high

when you peer down

at the lost world

with your bright eye


the keyhole of time,

what reason or rhyme

do you find

in the madness

and mayhem,

creeping bedlam

we have wrought

from your precious gift,

can you heal the rift

we have rent in the

soul of humanity

before the calamity


and ends

your grand Creation?

In hope I peer back

into the night so black,

while your light that waxes

and wanes,

makes sane

the world gone wrong.

Sing me a song,

sweet lullaby

as I softly cry

for the children

and forget them not,

their fateful lot

seems dim and grim;

but they learn and grow,

someday to show what

they have come to know

of truth and hope

as they try to cope

with the mystery of

this glorious green

and blue spinning top

you set in motion

in the time

before time

through the keyhole,



Cheryl KP

Copyright 2017


16 thoughts on “Through the Keyhole Darkly

    1. Perhaps my Southern Baptist background has me feeling perpetually exposed. But, yes, I know we are being watched, watched out for and watched over although my religious leanings are now non existent. I do believe in a Creative Power and force that drives existence. I fear sometimes that Its faith in the wisdom of its creations may have been ill placed. 😔I’m glad you liked the poem. Happiest of holidays to you!

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