Grazy Hay



Hazy Gray,

wet day,

foggy, soggy,

groggy mind,

ill defined


Cold. Outside.

Cold. Inside

this head,

unwelcome guest,

my quest

to exorcise

the fiendish bug,

snotty slug

with no remorse.

Drawing swords,

downing draughts,

potions, pills,

toddies and still

it won’t set me free.

Oh, where is me?

Giving up or in

not an option,

the sin

of it repels.

Wait for the sun,

dis-ease undone,

mind focused you see

on the periphery

where miracles

take wing.

How my heart will sing

when we fly free!

CKP copyright 2017


I have had the most unforgiving sinus problem for the first time in several years. I think I’m back up and it nips at my heels again. Today I decided to take hubby’s advice and do nothing. I felt bad about missing all the blog prompts last week so decided to snap a photo for a quick post.

Imagine my lack of surprise at the dreary cold and rain that defined the morning. Yet if you look closely at the table you will see my little ray of hopeful sunshine, poised in a permanent flutter, a sweet surprise from my good and best friend who always knows just what to give me, even if the true gift of the thing doesn’t fully reveal itself for awhile. What would I do without him?

I hope you are all well and enjoying your holidays.




15 thoughts on “Grazy Hay

  1. I hate it when those sinus things won’t go away. I’ve been lucky so far this year, but there’s a lot of winter left.

    Great capture in your photo. I like how you still manage to look for and find beauty in the world around you. I hope you’re feeling better soon/


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