In gentle faith I tender my heart,

blushed with desire, the fire but a soft glow

on velvet cheek.


In pure hope I turn my face upward,

drink in the light, so bright and warm until

the chill slips in.


With icy fingers Winter’s hand traces painful

lines of doubt onto my skin, within the blood turns

cold with longing old.


Seasons of cold indifference and loss

must be endured, no matter the cost, for when frost

is chased away once more


the bloom upon my cheek returns

as the tiny spark still burns deep within my soul-

and whole, I look up and find

the sun ever bright,

pure light

Life’s promise.


CKP copyright 2017

25 thoughts on “Fragile/Poetry

      1. Well, I can certainly only speak for myself, Amy; but when I express my deepest emotions I am able to let go of the pain at least a little bit. My own brand of therapy I suppose. Sometimes we hold onto things, even painful things that bring us a kind of comfort. Empathic people value all emotions, even the painful ones. They make us feel alive. It just takes knowing when they become like a disease that threatens to destroy our mental and physical health to unlock the dark closets. Hugs. 😊


      2. Right now I really do have an emotional blockage and I do know why. I can actually feel it. It is so important for me right now to find my zone and in finding it, I will be able to let this blockage go. It’s a process and this time on a deep level, one that I haven’t experienced before. This is a tough one but I do everything I know how to let it go. Thanks for the encouragement, Cheryl.


      3. Exactly! I just said a few days ago I know I’m blocked, I know I’m stuck but until everything that is meant to be resolved is, this is where I stay. Very hard place to be yet … when the gate is opened …. oh wow!


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