Welcome to Wonderland/First Snow

And I do mean first. First for me in ten years and first heavy snow for this area in awhile.


Since we survived our night of indoor camping after the power went out yesterday morning, I got excited about the novelty of the white stuff again and just had to get out there and leave some kind of mark. You know, a nod to Mother Nature for leaving a vast blank canvas across the terrain. So, here is my “masterpiece”… a tribute to one of her loveliest children. But, I think this one may be a bit lost…




The sun was out to chase away the dark shadows of the cold night we just spent. But even though the house got pretty cold, we had our layers, blankets, a fire and a roof over our along with the certain knowledge there would eventually be light again. I couldn’t keep my heart and mind from going to all the homeless people who don’t know such luxuries.


I also thought about those lunatic friends of mine who actually purposely choose to go camping in the dead of Winter.  

There was so much beauty peeking through- the promise of continuance, cooperation and new life.


Hello sun!
Blossoms emerge from under the frozen blanket


Kiss of frost makes blossoms blush
Some beauty needs frosty touch to open up


I was so excited I just had to make us a breakfast treat!



Oh? My little friend realized it may have taken a wrong turn. We have plans to meet up again in the right place!




Have a great week everyone!



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