While I can

So, following hot on the heels of our “Welcome to Georgia” colds, we awoke to a forecast of snow yesterday! Guess what.



Georgia meteorologists know their shit! This started around mid morning while I was at work and very eager to be done and get home. There is a myth that many Southern folk don’t drive well in the rain let alone snow. Ummm…it’s pretty accurate in many cases. We won’t even talk about fog…


Okay Dan I know what you’re going to say. I give you a pretty hard time about the snow. But since it is a novelty for me I can work with the occasional snow. You know, the ‘relative’ kind. That would be snow that shows up unexpectedly and brings some fun for a few days before packing up and slipping away again, leaving a lovely memory behind. What? You don’t have any relatives like that? 😳


And that is why I am dubious of snow. It is not always predictable, definitely like certain relatives we all know. So far, though, I feel like Scrooge on Christmas morning. I’m as ‘giddy as a school girl’. Yesterday I felt “I must stand on my head!” I mean just look how beautiful it is.


Yep! Giddy as a schoolgirl
Kind of cool right?
This is how we are measuring inches of snow
Okay I’d like to capture this view
A marshmallow world!
Just wow! For now.
Ummm…more snow fell overnight? 😱


And if I weren’t just creeping out of death’s grip with this dastardly cold I would be sorely tempted to go out and build a snow turtle. That’s right. You heard me. Who needs a cold hearted man? 😉. I even put on my Florida snow shoes and took a few tentative steps.



Then turned right back around! I needed to spend some time with The Doctor. And Earl Gray. And Ebinezer. My own little ‘menage a trois’.  😜



I still may stand on my head before the weekend ends!

I doubt I’ll be doing any shopping until the ‘thaw’. Hey, I’m realistic if nothing else. Christmas shopping is hazardous enough. Add snow in a place where it isn’t the norm and I’m in for the day.

PS. We lost power an hour ago…🙄

I think I’ll draw up plans for that snow turtle though…



35 thoughts on “While I can

      1. We are new t this area but it is my understanding that, besides the freak snowstorm, there are mild snows every Winter. It also depends what part of the state you luve in. The mountian areas, of course, get lots more.

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  1. I love those snow shoes 🙂

    Ive never seen a snow turtle. If you build one, get plenty of pics. We have a few inches on the ground. Maddie has been tearing around the yard. Nothing pristine left. It’s still snowing. They say 3-6” by morning.

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  2. Cheryl, those could be Southern California snow shoes too! Love the look & all the snow pics. Yep, I think a Snow Turtle would be creative & fun. Go for it when you feel better. Your cold remedy should work! Happy Weekend! Christine

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  3. You have more snow than I do! How did that happen?

    If you get a hankering to make a snow turtle or angel in February or March, I’ll ship you some of the white stuff for your pleasure. I’m sure there will be plenty to spare. 😉

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  4. Well, you have already had more snow than Lincoln…..just a dusting on Halloween (scary!) and a ten minute gale that blew through town a few days ago.
    Wet snow coating every single branch is so beautiful.

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