Every Little Thing She Does/#1linerWeds

While visitng my family, children and grandchlidren over Thanksgiving, I was captivated by each one’s own personalty, style and talent.

And, speaking of talent, I have decided this one is a Leaf Whisperer! When she told me she loves to play with leaves, I grabbed the Nikon and got ready for some fun.





I soon discovered “Every little thing she does is magic!”. Or so it would seem when looking at her through the eyes of love.




This post broguht to you by Linda Hill’s One Liner Wednesday prompt ..



26 thoughts on “Every Little Thing She Does/#1linerWeds

  1. OMGOSH! That last image of her is MAGIC! Print it for you all, frame it, and hang it on the wall!
    You said, ” “Every little thing she does is magic!”. Or so it would seem when looking at her through the eyes of love.”
    YASSSSH!!! 🙂 xx

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  2. These photos are magical too! I love seeing her face beaming through the flurry of leaves. You are truly blessed, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing these photos with us. And thanks for the link to the song now stuck in my head.

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