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Well, I know most everyone has moved beyond turkey and fixings and on to Santa, trees and baking cookies; but I must revisit last Thursday as part of my contribution to Norm’s Thursday Doors project . He is the Doormaster for this weekly event and if you choose to participate, just click on the link there and have a look at his page as well as finding other great posts via his little blue frog link where you can add your own doors post as well.


Now, let’s talk Lincoln.  Since my sons spent a greater part of their lives there I have occasion to visit, at least once a year and more often when I can.  I have to say that Lincoln NE is one of my favorite little cities in the country.  There is so much diversity there in a city that can boast that most of its longtime residents never leave.  There is longevity there.  When we go to the Haymarket with the guys, there is always someone they meet up with that they have known for years.  And yet, there are very eclectic venues for food, bars, music and art, something not quite typical for a home grown place like Lincoln.  I think, for once, I will delve into a bit of history for you guys before we hit the pavement for our after dinner Thanksgiving Day walk. (We had to do something to work off all that yummy food!) My sincere thanks to Ande and Hayley for hosting the event and getting us up there to spend time with family and new friends!  Thanks also to Hayley’s family for their food and friendship while we were visiting.


This is courtesy of Wikipedia. I am adding a link here to the entire history since all of it is good but I am not so great at paraphrasing and don’t want to add it all here. The old history is always my favorite so here is the founding information.


Lincoln was founded in 1856 as the village of Lancaster and became the county seat of the newly created Lancaster County in 1859.[12] The village was sited on the east bank of Salt Creek.[13] The first settlers were attracted to the area due to the abundance of salt. Once J. Sterling Morton developed his salt mines in Kansas, salt in the village was no longer a viable commodity.[14] Captain W. T. Donovan, a former steamercaptain, and his family settled on Salt Creek in 1856. In the fall of 1859, the village settlers met to form a county. A caucus was formed and the committee, which included Captain Donovan, selected the village of Lancaster to be the county seat. The county was named Lancaster. After the passage of the 1862 Homestead Act, homesteaders began to inhabit the area. The first plat was dated August 6, 1864.[11]

By the close of 1868, Lancaster had a population of approximately 500 people.[15] The township of Lancaster was renamed Lincoln with the incorporation of the city of Lincoln on April 1, 1869. In 1869, the University of Nebraska was established in Lincoln by the state with a land grant of about 130,000 acres. Construction of University Hall, the first building, began the same year.[16]

Just a couple of footnotes are that the state capitol building is the 2nd largest in the US and it is one of the most amazing architectural wonders I have ever visited.  I love the Capitol in Baton Rouge as well; but there is a lot of real history embedded in the stained glass and marble inlays of this magnificent center of the county seat.  If you make it there a visit would definitely be a must.


Now….about Thanksgiving.   I will give you a few photos of the great doors in my son’s house but then we will take that stroll. I have quite a few great doors so I am just putting it on a slide show for you. Take your time and enjoy. We certainly did!

Our hosts Ande and Hayley
This great old house had some wonderful doors
And windows!
Door to Ande’s work (play) room.
Door to all things bathroom, including a fantastic shower large enough for sprinting between the three shower heads! . LOL

We had so much food I can’t even remember it all and I was remiss in my photos duties, partly because my boys loathe me always taking them and I was also having too much fun.  But, the day was gorgeous with unseasonably warm temps and the walk just a perfect way to end the afternoon. Come with us and see just one historic section of old Lincoln.

Click on Avril’s video to get your feet started!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Here is the link to that old history photo of Maple Lodge


Well, there you have it folks. That is the most doors photos I have ever taken, making up for all the missed opportunities.   I hope your holidays are grand and brilliant, letting the Light of Love shine within your hearts.






Pssst….next time we’ll talk caves. And beer! What a combo!

15 thoughts on “Lincoln Holiday/#Thursday Doors

  1. What a beautiful post, Cheryl. Your family look healthy and very happy and I am glad! I love older homes due to the architecture that comes along with them. As for that shower …. I knew what you meant. LOL You put a lot of effort into this post and I for one thank you! ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Amy. You know I appreciate you. It was so great to have the gang together even though one son lives in Omaha. I love all those old homes and they are all used one way or another. I still need to post about our little outing to Robbers’ Cave and Blueblood Brewery. Lots of history there! And I love caves! Next go round.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love the room. The multiple shower heads can be confusing when one isn’t large enough to connect with them all. Lol. I do love a luxurious bathroom. And a chef’s kitchen. Thise would be my indulgences if I had unlimited funds during buliding. When we first went to Costa Rica and stayed at Peace Lodge, our suite had a batroom with a huge shower like this one, a jaccuzzi tub out of rock and a waterfall step in shower. It was a bathroom suite! Doubel sinks and a waterfall beside the jaccuzzi. Too bad it was very chilly up at that altitude. Lol. That was the most extravagant vacaion we have ever had. Sort of a belated honeymoon. About 20yrs belated.


      1. No worries and thank you.When I read it again, I knew I had to change it. One woman’s humor could be another one’s standard. No. No orgy showers there. 😜


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