Nickernut Happy!

Well, I have been waiting to do this post and to use these photos for a few weeks now. Hubby and I came across this wild plant during one of our hikes along the Canaveral Shores trails in Florida. We thought it was so interesting and unique.




The wicked side of us likened it to the Audrey 2 plant in Little Shop of Horrors. “Feed me Seymour!”. Each plant contains a rock hard seed which can be used to make jewelry or crafts.



I thought, when looking at the clusters of them, that they looked like a happy little choir, ready to belt out a chorus of “Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey” or something else as catchy.


Here is a little bit of ‘technical jargon’ about this happy little contradiction of a plant (for Dan of course) 😉



And just why am I this happy, you might ask? I have had the rare opportunity to spend some quality time with my sons and their various significant others, which includes beautiful grandchildren, over the Thanksgiving holidays.

And THAT makes me ten kinds of happy! Maybe Nickernut just doesn’t express it adequately. But it’s a start…

So, you tell me   Do I look Nickernut happy or what? 😀

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