Still Free/Doors to Adventure #thursdaydoors

One of the things that really warms my heart in recent years is the appearance in public places of little free libraries. These little ‘take a book, leave a book’ exchange boxes are a wonderful way of sharing knowledge, recycling books and giving anyone a chance to discover adventure, comfort and the vast entertainment that can be found in the pages of a wonderful book.

This particular ‘little library’ was found in a local Port Orange park. Most of the parks in the area have some version of this tiny book house.




These happy doors were brought to you as part of the Thursday Doors Excursion prompt hosted by the Grand Doormaster Norm 2.0. Go on over to his blog and check out the marvelous doors he shares. If you click on the blue froggy link you will open a door to many other great posts as well! 😊

28 thoughts on “Still Free/Doors to Adventure #thursdaydoors

  1. I love our neighborhood little library! One thing I’ve noticed though, is that lately people seem to put their “junk” books in it. The selection last time included Susie Ormon, how to Ferberize your baby, DIY kitchen remodel and the like. Haha


      1. Ummmm….how DID I manage without Ferberizing? So that’s why my oldest still can’t sleep through the night. 🙄😂 Thank you for enlightening me! So nice to meet you too. 😀

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      2. I’m not sure how you did either. It really works! Nice to meet you too. 🙂 And if you haven’t read The Count of Monte Cristo, it’s one of my top books ever. You kind of fall in love with him a little bit.


  2. Just wonderful. These warm my heart whenever I see them.
    It reminds me that there’s a new one that just went up down the street from my mom’s place. I’ll have to remember to capture it the next time I go.


  3. I think you’re description, “happy doors” is spot on, Cheryl. I’ve seen those around here, and they always make me smile. I also like the craftsmanship on this one.


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