Some Things are Constant

Are you all grown up? Are we ever? There are many things about me that have evolved, especially in the last decade, with regard to personal growth and emotional development.

I once read that a person’s basic personality and habits are pretty much developed by the age of four, making it crucial to guide our young ones during those formative years. In raising four sons I have found this to be a fairly accurate postulation.

Me? Have I changed much between four and 58? Well, in packing for our move I found some old evidence that makes a few strong arguments for the hypothesis above.



Have I really changed?

Nyeh. 😏Not so much.




But..,.I write very interesting stories. 🙄 Thanks Mrs Bauman. What a tough cookie she was. But we had a saltwater aquarium that year. I got to see a seahorse hatch babies! Little rainbows…


How about you? How much have you changed since elementary school? Would you recognize yourself? My heart still writes the same way as it did way back then. I just know bigger words now. And more about joy and pain.



22 thoughts on “Some Things are Constant

  1. Oh reminded me so much stuff..
    I have my school reports too.. You brought a smile on my face while reading you. The educational system in which i was brought up hasn’t managed to kill my curiosity, creativity..
    Have i changed much from 4 to 49? Well in some aspects i am still that same free-spirit-with-gentle-heart kid.. the one who didn’t want the lights on her for any reason..
    You do write beautifully..

    ”My heart still writes the same as it did way back then”

    Merry Christmas Cheryl and Happy holidays with your loved ones 🙂


    1. Hello and it is good to see you. Thank you for the kind words. I do feel schools lack in many things; but they can surely make us tenacious. I was the same way about being in the spotlight while my heart longed for true recognition. It makes me glad to give you a smile. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well. Hugs.


  2. In many ways I’m very much the same “child” I was in grade school…except a better version. Mary v.60!

    I came across a comedy play I had written in high school a few years ago. It was then that I realized I had stuffed the writer in me away for too long. I vow to never let that happen again!


  3. Great post. You are most excellent.

    I was never a fan of school even though I did pretty well. Much too much of a contrarian, truth-seeker and freedom fighter. Enforced authority always smells fishy to me. Even seeing “obeys rules promptly” on your report above makes me cringe. And yes, when blogging I often feel just like in primary school, when I brought my notebooks home for the weekend, sat between my parents and showed them what I’ve learned. 🙂


    1. I empathize and would not be surprised to see these same sentiments across the board among creatives. School these days doesn’t even provide social skills training with all the bullying and lack of supervision. To me it is more like Jr prison camp in many cases. 😕

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    1. Thanks Maggie. My penmanship wasn’t that bad. Can you see her as a teacher today?😱 Not even teaching cursive to our children? I’m still shaking my own heaover that one 😕


  4. I love this about you, Cheryl. My grades and teacher reports are pretty much the same about me. They didn’t write about the important stuff in my day: confidence, making friends, sharing, etc. I was the kind one and the shy one.


    1. I can sense that in you Jennie. It almost seemed like she was searching for a negative and forcing a positive. When you aren’t a prodigy or a problem child you get ignored. Sad. I saw it many times with my own children too.

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    1. Shows to go you. Your ‘daydreaming’ might have been ground breaking plans for something mechanically or architecturally amazing. And all they did was label you. 😕 School. Not for the imaginative. My hubby just liked to peruse the report card for ‘factus obscura’ like my height and weight back then. Or “Hey! You must have been sick that semester. You missed 8 days!” 😳😂

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      1. Yep. Pigeon holing. Now they expect kids to fall into preset categories. Math, medicine, computer science. Don’t even teach life skills, shop or most of the arts. 😞 I used to have all my report cards. Things fall by the wayside… I have tons of my writing stuff from high school though. I was pretty good! My senior year i had some things in the literary publication and they won a few awards. Actually I won 1st and 2nd place that year. It felt surreal.

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