Out of Doors/Breaking Day/#Thursday Doors

Any time the world gets too hectic, too crazy for me; and my head is full of noise so loud I can’t think, I have to drop whatever I’m doing and head out of doors. The outdoors is where peace waits for me. Mother nature whispers words of sweet comfort and encouragement through every living thing.




For weeks I passed this, one of my favorite parks, while driving to work, and watched the sun creeping over the trees and water. It pained my soul that I could not stop and watch the unfolding of one of Earth’s greatest repeating miracles, the timing being such that even if I left early, the moment was not convenient for me getting to work on time if I stopped even for one photo.  But on this day, due to life changes and evolution, I planned to be there, to see that glorious light peek over the green horizon and whisper to the world to “wake up!”




One by one, every living thing answers the call, stretching their wings and lifting their faces to greet the Light, thankful for another day and another chance to breathe, grow and to live.




Whether washing the cobwebs of dreams from their heads…




Or revelling in the blessings of gifts from unknown hands-sweet sustenance that, on this morning, were not gained in peril.



Hey Dan do you think this could be Sally’s retired cousin? 😉

Such simple pleasures bring me back to a place of true understanding and acceptance of how perfectly life unfolds if only we allow it. We can accomplish a lot when we work hard; but if we don’t allow ourselves a simple moment to stop and connect our heartbeat with that of the Earth, we become out of sync with the All That Is.




In one hour my body, my mind and my spirit were renewed. Try it! Watch the animals as they slowly awaken and tend to their day. They have no grand expectation, no fear of the future and what it may bring. They live completely in the moment and yet they are totally focused on the needs of their survival. We believe that we are so much more intelligent and evolved than Nature’s “lesser creatures”; but could it be that all of our thinking actually inhibits our sense of satisfaction?  We think we know what we want, we hope we get what we deserve,  and yet we are doubtful about it all.  Nature moves in blind faith that needs will be met and its needs are simple.




Wake up, breathe, bathe, find food, look to the light, breathe, eat,  sleep,

repeat….a simple plan.

So, as far as a ‘real’ door, I will submit a door-one of my favorites,  and one I will miss terribly, although I know magical adventures await me wherever Nature exists.

This door always led to and from moments of pure wonder and delight.




The door leading from the gift shop at Lukas nursery to the butterfly garden always stirs excitement in me. Within this beautiful little haven I connect with Nature’s faeries-beautiful, ethereal and constant. The feel of their tiny feathery feet on my fingers is a sensation everyone should experience.



I hope Norm isn’t disappointed with my doors submission today. Have a beautiful weekend.

23 thoughts on “Out of Doors/Breaking Day/#Thursday Doors

  1. Oh my goodness, Cheryl, these photos are beautiful. I’m pretty sure that’s one of Sally’s relatives. Tell him it’s going to be 17f overnight. I stop at a park, often on my way to work. It’s a good thing it’s not nearly this pretty, I’d never show up.


    1. Oh my. I’m sure he will be sending warm thoughts for Sally. And enjoying his maybe 65 tonight. 😱 I’m glad you like the park. It is one of my regulars. There is a large walkway all around the littl lake with fountains in the middle, a crossover bridge and there are trails around the actual park areas. We have enjoyed some nice parks in our time here. I think we could all do with a little more time away from work and in the park. 😊

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