Letting Go



Sometimes, it seems,  when comes a thing,

so sharp and bitter does it sting,

we see nothing but to pick and dig

what once was small but grown so big




and eats its way into the soul

leaving there a gaping hole




till nothing will suffice to fill,

you pluck tenaciously until




with sweet relief

and little grief

you cast it to the wind and so

discover peace in letting go…..


Copyright words and photo

CKP 2017


Music courtesy of South and thanks to my years of watching The OC.

17 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Letting go is sometimes hard. Writing away my anger is one way that works for me… I can only write “I hate…” so many times and it releases — maybe out of boredom! 🙂 Beautiful, love the images.


    1. Yes it is Simon. I think only being beyond a place of pain are we able to write about it. I just felt inspired when I saw the anhinga picking its feathers and then that tiny one finaly floating away, as if released from its burden.

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      1. They are so elegant and multilayered. But, when wet they reaemble a wet stuffed toy. I have one I may post later, just to show the stark difference. When they fish they dive and swim underwater the. Sit to dry out for lengthy periods. It is one reason they are relatively easy to photograph. With their heads just out of the water they sometimes look like snakes.

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