Seasons in the Sun #SoCS/ Twofer

Hey, Hi my friends, for truly I consider you all friends in many different ways. We share thoughts, kindnesses, opinions and ideas. I don’t do that with my acquaintances.

Today’s SoCS prompt, brought to you by Linda Hill was ‘season’. As it happens, a new friend of mine over at Thethingsiveseen blog just received the One Lovely Blogger Award and tagged me in her recipients list. Now, I also recieved this award from another new friend Luliahalatz  d was remiss in responding due to some busy-ness in my life at the time. My apologies. I really have stopped accepting awards due to time constraints but want to pass it along because I’ve met some new friends and this gives me an opportunity to recognize them.

Oh yes, the prompt. Season, as in the best one. Summer. Yes, Summer has always been my favorite season although Spring is lovely and Autumn is beautiful. (We won’t say the ‘W’ word yet….brrrrrr.😱).

To me, as a child, Summer was grand. I can still recall the exhilarating feeling of that first day of sleeping in, as though it was a bonus Saturday, then not putting on shoes and pulling on shorts and a tank top and munching down cereal before trotting outside to walk barefoot in the cool, soft dirt, never to wear shoes again (except on Sunday) for three whole months. Then we pulled out the supplies our teachers gave us on the last day of school when cleaning her shelves and played ‘school’, which is scads more fun than the real thing!

That feeling has followed me all these years and I am still enticed, excited and rewarded by Summer’s gifts. It is inexplicably magical, although I feel cheated that I no longer get three months of freedom from thinking. I do have fond memories of vacations spent in the Ozarks where my Mom was from. If only we truly understood treasured moments while we were having them….😔

So, for school, for sunshine, vacations and for my new friend, I say thank you! Here are a few sunny shots to celebrate the season.



Again, thanks so much. The rules:

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PS If I nominate you and you don’t “do” awards, I totally get it. Just know I think you are awesome and carry on. Hell, I can’t pick anyone, so if I follow you,  consider yourself nominated. Hugs to you all! Excuse me now, I am making a pork chili stew which I must go season! 😉



17 thoughts on “Seasons in the Sun #SoCS/ Twofer

  1. Every time a season changes I think, ‘This is my favourite.’ Love them all for different reasons. But from your lovely photos, I can see the attraction of your Costa Rica summers …


    1. One of the nice things about Costa Rica is the close proximity we enjoyed of mountains to the beach life. If we wanted cooler temps we drove about an hour up to the Baru area and had to wear a jacket in the evening and early morning but had perfect 70’s at noon. The landscape of the country is wildly diverse.

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  2. I love summer too, Cheryl. I love the warmth, the sun, the longer days and memories of my youth spending time at the beach. Your photos are awesome, as usual, and I’m happy that you shared pieces of summer before the S-word shows up around here. You ARE a lovely blogger! 😃

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  3. I loved the summers of my childhood as well. You’re right, that first day with no shoes and no school. Exhilarating! But my childhood was spent in northern Ontario and New Brunswick. Now I am in southern Ontario and the summers are hot, hazy and humid. Not fun. I also remember playing school. I thought I wanted to be a teacher once upon a time. Ah yes, the memories of our youth. Touching. Love this. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I’m glad you could relate. Being a teacher is such a noble idea but these days fraught with disappointment, st least in this country. I hope you are getting a break from that humidity about now!

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