NO WAY is there only one door in Atlanta worthy of representation. In fact, the total opposite is true. Every time one turns around or looks across the landscape of Atlanta, there is some architectural wonder, both old and classic or new and innovative. It is a feast for urban photography, yet moving out of the city and into the rural areas entices me even more to click away at the trees, the birds, the butterflies….so much!



But on this trip I only managed one specific door, while joining two of our favorite young people for breakfast. The place?

Folk Art diner. The food was innovative, the service friendly and the atmosphere great, albeit it is definitely an adjustment not being able to order alcoholic beverages until 12:30, but we manage…or stay until that moment arrives. Ha.

We all perused the menu, making our choices. While the youngsters took on the giant chicken and waffles plates, complete with fresh spiced peach preserves, the hubby went with a more traditional breakfast while I, being the total rebel that I am, opted for a nice little item called ‘I dream of weenie”, purportedly made with their homemade ’sausage’  and wrapped in a special pig wrap. In truth the weiners were less salty than the garden grocery store variety but not really like any sausage I ever had. Definitley a weiner. And the pig wrap was more like crescent roll dough. It was tasty and served with a seasoned mayo for dipping. Ohhhh….you wanted to see the food?



I know, this is only two of our meals.  But one would have been a duplicate and the other, well…..let me tell the tale.

After hubby ate all of the main items of his breakfast and I sneaked bites of grits now and then, he was left with just half a bowl of grits. I reached over wih my fork for one more bite…just to help him out...when he barked at me, “No!”.


Okay…easy there grits boy, you usually want me to eat half of your food but if you are that hungry…😳 that’s when he showed it to us. (I still wish I had punched my conscience in the face and snapped the photo, but I just couldn’t do it. The server was nice, after all)


There, nestled in peaceful rest but obviously freshly demised, was a significant sized fruit fly. Yes, folks, the folks at #FolkArtAtlanta have a bit of a fly problem. But, hey, we are understanding people. When the server returned we quietly showed it to him. He asked (with a completely straight face), “Was that already in there?” To which my husband retorted, “No, I carry them in my pocket and popped it in the bowl”. Seriously?!

He assured our young friend that, yes, we found it underneath the grits that had been eaten. We then watched as he took the tray to the manager and kitchen staff to show them, having a brief discussion before finally bringing our bill. No mention of the fly, no manager visited our table and yes, folks, the folks at #FolkArt charged us every last penny, including the grits. Customer service is officially dead in this universe.


In my stupor and astonishment we paid the bill and I unwittingly and without malace tipped the server a mere 10%. Other servers would be angry with me, would argue that it wasn’t his fault and I am horrible as a person. But, A) It was accidental and

B) He needs to grow a pair and tell management that something needed to be done.

And done without us having to scream and jump and threaten to buzz their fly business all over social media.


Would I eat there again? Likely not. I mean, the food was okay; but there is a lot to choose from in this great city. And I actually know how to make fried chicken. And waffles. Besides, the best part of breakfast was the company!




Aren’t they just adorable?

Don’t say it, Dan Antion, I know what you are thinking….I still love grits!

This post is part of Norm Frampton’s #Thursdaydoors prompt. Visit his page for all the details..

22 thoughts on “Atlanta/#Thursdaydoors

      1. That’s a great idea, Cheryl. Thank you! Somehow Quaker isn’t the real deal. Some stores up here in no-grits-country carry Bob’s Red Mill. Good to know they make grits. 😀


  1. The top door is beautiful, but the fly in the grits…EWWWW! Just EWWW! I wouldn’t ever eat there again ever!
    There’s a place in the city…the city is San Francisco that is renowned for its Hunan Chinese food. He-Man and I went there to try it, and sitting at the bar was a waiter on break picking his nose. I couldn’t eat, and we’ve never returned.

    I found a hair on a pizza once…thankfully they replaced it! UGH!
    I can kiss the hair one the heads of my children, Grandchild, and He-Man all day long, but find one in my food…it’s over. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree Deborah. I doubt we will. While I know accidents happen with hair, you can’t tell me people didn’t notice a fly (flies?) buzzing around. And it isn’t that we don’t like flies. We don’t like them on our food because they carry germs. Ground to grits. Putting it nicely, is not what I want to ingest.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Just one more reason for me to not order grits. Honestly it’s just warm wet white sand, why would anyone want to eat that? 😉
    Other than the fly, this was a fun post, and a nice door too.
    If you get the chance don’t forget to swing by and add it to our link-up list.
    Next time: Waffle House 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! No way Norm. There are lots of hreat places to catch breakfast and brunch. I LOVE grits made right ( sans flies). Well done there is nothing “gritty” about them. I looked for your most current post but dudn’t see it. Is there one for today?

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That is s beautiful door, Cheryl. Breakfast was sounding pretty good until bug. The bartender at my place would have gone apesh** with the manager over that one. I think your server could have done more than ask hubs such a stupid question. I’m sure you’ll find grits somewhere else.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I used to ask the women at breakfast at school not to put grits on my plate. They would always add them. Some would say “these are good for you” or something as they slopped them into my scrambled eggs 🙁

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mary. And I’m not afraid of bugs or eating outsoors. But the three C’s of the food business are a must for me..Cleanliness, Customer service and Conscience. It takes so little to make something right.

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