Let There Be Light/#CBF

Hi everyone,

I have been very sidetracked of late and thought I had completely missed the #Cherished Blogfest and let down my my friends and co-hosts of last year’s event. I have not been an active host this time around and my sincere apologies to Dan, Peter, Sharukh and Damyanti. Life throws us a lot of curve balls and sometimes dodging them can keep one busy.

Thanks to Dan’s extension, I am able to post at least one entry to the event here today. I do hope you will visit the link above that will take you to his blog and the information you need should you want to be a part of this event.

Simply put, create a post about anything you cherish, then link back to the main page and attach your own link to the little blue linky thing Dan has so brilliantly created. Have fun!

Part of my challenge with this quest is to pick just one thing that I cherish. Anyone who follows my blog and knows me at all will tell you that most of my posts are about cherished things, things I look to for inspiration, hope and encouragement.

In this moment-in all moments-I give thanks for, and look to, the Light of Spirit. Light is life in more ways than we can count.  Turning my face toward the sun by day gives me the courage, energy and strength I need to get through everything this life throws at me.

By night, the light of Grandmother Moon gives me peace and comfort, plus the sensual feeling of mystery that keeps me creative and excited about what the future holds.




From the slow sunrise on the horizon, as the Evening Star blinks out of view…




and though the storm clouds roll in, still the Light peeks through.




From its smile by daylight..




To it’s soft caress at night…


Light is life! 

This post is dedicated to one of my high school heroes. We miss you JD. RIP..


12 thoughts on “Let There Be Light/#CBF

  1. Your photos and words resonate with me. I think it’s easy to forget the part that light plays in making us all whole and balanced on this earth. It’s something to cherish, indeed.


    1. I’m so glad you were able to connect with the message here. To me Light is essence, at the core of existence. There would be no amything without it. Thanks so much for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

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  2. Cheryl, this is an amazing post for CBF. The subject matter…light…is something we all crave, especially during winter or many days of cloudy weather. If only we could bottle up our personal light and open it whenever needed. Wouldn’t that be cool?


  3. I am so glad you were able to join us with this post, Cheryl. I see evidence of these thoughts in the photos you share with us, and in your writing. You are never far from that which inspires you, and it shows in the beauty that you capture with your camera and in the words you wrap around those photos.

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    1. Thank you Dan. I wish it could be more but I am so thankful you extended the days. Weiting and photography keep me feeling alive and sharing these things keep me encouarhed and hopeful that others will also be encouraged.

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