Let Me Out! “One-Liner Wednesday”



Let me out,

the veil grows thicker,

darker, slicker,

a slippery slope

with little hope

of resolution-

the solution

shadowed by shouts,

riddled with doubts

of survival

as the dim light,

once so bright

slips quietly through

greedy fingers as you

and I stare in disbelief,

fearing no relief

from our sorrow

we wait for the morrow,

or the next,

or the next,

praying each day

will show us the way

to remeber the love

we were all made of-

what this life is about-


let me out!!


How I miss these guys. Yes, I was a huge, poster pasting, letter writing, devoted fan. #donnyosmond. 💕

Art and words copyright CKP 2017

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18 thoughts on “Let Me Out! “One-Liner Wednesday”

  1. So well done. I really liked the pace and the sound of it! This is one of those rare poems where form and content become one: a terrific poem.

    Thank you for posting.


    1. I am a multifaceted gem. Lol let’s just say there is a small bit of music I don’t care for. Those groups and singers found in the dog eared pages of Tiger Beat magazine saw me through some very tough teen years Dan. It’s hard to imagine how hugely successful The Osmonds were and how quickly forgotten.

      Liked by 1 person

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