Any Port in a Banana Storm/#Thursday Doors

No truck for hauling produce? No worries for these industrious fellows. When the crop is good and there is money at the market, load the family truckster up and doors be damned!




Doors, windows, trunk. Just holding it all in seems to be the greatest challenge for this hard working group. On a serious note; when we lived in Costa Rica, we were impressed and amazed at the creative, ingenious nature of the people there. They did not know the word ‘impossible’. While this photo was not taken there and I am not quite sure of its origin, it reminded me of how hard many people in other, less aristocratic and wealthy countries must work just to survive. And they are ever thankful. We all need to remember this when we grumble about getting into our hot showers in our air conditioned homes and decide what we will have for breakfast, pack our lunches and get into our nice vehicles to drive to that nice paying job we hate at times. Our burdens are light compared to many who are more joyful in their labors.


Okay, go out there and have a bananarific day. Be sure to grab a bunch at the market and make it worth their efforts. This post is brought to you by Norm Frampton and  his Thursday Doors quest. Hop on over to his blog and look for the blue froggie. He will lead you to more doors than you can imagine. Also join in. What interesting doors have you seen lately?



Join Harry and get your work day off to a happy start.

23 thoughts on “Any Port in a Banana Storm/#Thursday Doors

  1. Great find, wonderful share. I appreciate your thoughts about those who work to make it work almost as much as I appreciate my daily banana 🙂


  2. That car can’t actually be able to roll like that can it?
    Never the less: great shot!
    Yes, we do take so much for granted and it’s good to remind ourselves of just how good we have it. We should appreciate things instead of whining over every minor inconvenience in our lives 🙂


    1. Thanks Norm. I’ve seen some pretty ingenius things in CR. A woman who delivers ice riding a scooter. A man selling fresh fish from his bicycle. A sunglass salesman with his “sho” on his head. We decinitely are getting worse at forgetting the trie value of our conveniences here in the US. Thanks

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  3. That’s a wonderful photo to share and a very important thing to remember. A coworker yesterday was complaining that the gym he goes to had turned the treadmills around and “ruined” his view. I told him “this is where the phrase ‘first world problem’ comes from.” You’ve shown us people who can’t imagine paying someone to go into a building and exercise. We need to remember how many of these people make our lives possible.

    Thank you!


    1. Exactly Dan. I also stopped using the phrase “I’m starving” as an exaggeration of hunger. It’s just heartbreaking and too irreverent to consider that millions really are. Thank you.

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  4. That’s a great photo, Cheryl. It’s a good reminder to be positive at work today (because yesterday I was a little grumbly). It’s also a reminder that I need to stop and pick up a couple of bananas.


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