Do Glimpses of Morning Dew Give Nature its Fair Due? #SoCS

Linda Hill’s SoCS promptEEB56B95-BA31-4F80-BB60-27F8936FC39B

Do we, in haste, in the wake of living

miss the gifts the Earth is giving?





An afternoon shower that soothes, sustains

as we trudge along complaining of rains.




Golden sand beneath our toes.

Frond and leaf around us grows.

What tiny things have homes there?

Do we even know?

or care….



Do we respect the morning dew

appearing always fresh, anew



What we consider simply wet

doth nurture all of Nature, yet

if one looks closely, closer see

the glistening gem a dewdrop be!




At close of day the torch is passed

and Sun gives way to night at last.

Cicada’s song lulls all to sleep

and safely, Earth, Old Moon will keep.

I wonder with each day anew.

Do we give Creation its proper due?


CherylKP 2017

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16 thoughts on “Do Glimpses of Morning Dew Give Nature its Fair Due? #SoCS

  1. Oh my goodness, Cheryl, this post is absolutely stunning! Your poem and the pictures had me spellbound! Absolutely completely perfect! You put me in a place I know and Love so well … that being surrounded by the Gifts of Mother. Thank you! 🌹


    1. Hello dear Amy. I am so happy the photos inspired some peace within. That is always my greatest hope. I lose myself when I am viewing the world through my camera lens as I know you do as well. Hugs. 💕

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  2. I’m so glad you joined the SoCS challenge today, Cheryl and since I had tossed “dew” in there, I was hoping you’d share a water drop photo. Sometimes, I don’t think we pay enough attention to the simple gifts we can find in the world around us.

    Thanks for delivering on everything. Bonus points for you, Linda’s and mine.


    1. Thanks Dan! When I saw the prompt on your blog I just couldn’t resist! All my favorite ‘d’s were there! 👏💕 Heaven knows I snap dewdrops at every chance I get. Haha. So glad you liked it. And sushi for dinner with a walk around a local fairground after. It’s been an unexpectedly lovely day.

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  3. Fine fellas there and a deep message in the poem. The answer is no. We don’t give Creation its proper due. We are busy chasing after death, thinking we’re avoiding it.
    My colleague asked me last year why it even rains in Nairobi. He feels that the rain should only happen back in the village where people grow food.
    That’s how messed up we have become. We have no time for the life-sustaining benevolence of nature. We want money, we want profits, more and more profits. Sad.


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