Beneath the Sea/Art


Finished. Walking away from the project. Putting down my pens…




Swirling frothy turbulence,

by all appearances chaotic

conceals, protects

what we neglect

to treasure, save and

honor more dear

than the shiny doubloons

lying useless in the murky

depths of magnificent

other worldly silence

as the whispers of the

jellyfish drown out

the roar of graceful lions

stalking seahorses through

drifting sea urchins in

front of dark caverns where

eels play hide ‘n seek with

maidens laden with pearls,

gifts of the oyster tribe

that she uses to bribe

greedy pirates as they stare

into the gray brink with

whiskey glazed eyes,

blinking away morning skies

with souls dangling from

deceiving hands to

exchange for netherlands

and gifts of glory.

She smiles as she reaches upward

toward the dancing light above her

dark prison world with longing

for they are magical kingdoms;

and the return home

is but a breath away….


Cheryl KP

copyright art  and words  2017



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