Friendship/A Hot and Cold Affair


Hot, God it’s so hot this time of year

And hellish seems to say it best

for in and out as, once again,

I am alone and standing here…


A ring of friendship that we traced

encircled by our common bond;

and eager, lonely, I believed-

but yet again, my trust displaced.


I thought you knew me well and true

for an open book is what I am,

no masks or fawning lies can pass

between this broken heart and you.


What seemd a fine camaraderie,

with honesty and empathy, and

laughing, crying-shared our souls

was all the joy and peace for me.


Yet vast and dark a lifetime be

and who can know the whole,

its wretched grip upon a soul,

such desire to find an enemy

in me.


Cold, so cold within the circle now

with echoes of my weeping, the

fury of disapointment, confusion

resounding and yet, somehow…


I am resolute at last in what is true.

I did nothing to invoke the wrath

and only chanced to cross your path

in a moment you felt less than-you.


I am content-you being you, me being me

and in cordial passing friendly be;

but things broken in a childish rage

rip from friendship’s book a vital page.


There must be trust and knowing

that I am always who I am,

in spite of who we may become

and friendship’s rose is ever growing,

thorns and all.



Copyright CKP 2017


From A Course in Miracles. 

T-15.V.4. Because of guilt, all special relationships have elements of fear in them. 2 This is why they shift and change so frequently. 3 They are not based on changeless love alone. 4 And love, where fear has entered, cannot be depended on because it is not perfect. 5 In His function as Interpreter of what you made, the Holy Spirit uses special relationships, which you have chosen to support the ego, as learning experiences that point to truth. 6 Under His teaching, every relationship becomes a lesson in love.


Here is the link to the entire passage if you would like to read it.

The Special Relationship

I now understand the fallacy of seeking the special relationship, as spoken of in A Course in Miracles. The only true special relationship that can exist is between a human and Spirit. It is never hot or cold, but constant.

This post brought to you by Linda Hill’s SoCS prompt. Check it out here and find the rules as well as visit other great blogs with insightful posts.

Peace, love and friendship to you all.





26 thoughts on “Friendship/A Hot and Cold Affair

    1. Hi, thank you for both comments! I had not seen number one either. Sometimes WP gets confused and pops things in my spam. Suddenly both of yours are here. I appreciate your kind words. Have a great week.


  1. This is brilliant. You truly understand the essence of Enlightenment. Companionship as you have said it so well is something that only works between two friends who are awake in the light of awareness.

    You have taken me back in memories 8 years ago when I exhaustively studied “a course in miracles”.

    Thanks for the brevity to share this pearls of wisdom and knowledge.

    Yours truly,


    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments Phillip. I find the truest friends I have have been those that have grown with me since childhood. Although often far apart, when next we meet we have immediate razor and comfort. It is rare to connect on such a personal level with friends as adults. We all carry a lot of baggage. I am comfortable having friendly acquaintances at this point. The world is full of generous people who will help us when in need and sometimes the things we need to express can only be expressed trustfully to Spirit, that place of no judgment and unconditional love. Again, thank you for reading and sharing your own insights.

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