No Volcanoes Here/#SoCS/#Atlanta

In~vol~untary evacuation can lead to marvelous e~vol~utionary processes. For instance, last week we were forced to cancel our dream vacation (again) to Costa Rica, land of volcanoes and Pura Vida. Since we don’t have relatives living in brick homes elsewhere in Florida, we looked outside of the vacation peninsula for refuge. Much of my family lives in Louisiana, already filled with evacuees from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey as the state itself is just now recouperating from the mind numbing flooding they experienced last Summer. We have children up in Nebraska,  but since flying was already iffy at best, we decided to head to Atlanta where there was ONE good hotel that we found and made reservations. Also, this is where my youngest son lives, giving us a great opportunity to visit one of my ducklings.

No, there were no volcanoes there; but what we found were wonderful receptive communities who opened their hotels, restaurants and hearts to the influx of evacuees that flooded their borders.

For me the food was re~vol~utionary. I have not had such delectable treats and comfort meals since I left Louisiana, the place I have always known as home.


Atlanta is an old city that is continually e~vol~ving, as witnessed by the development of the Ponce Market area and the growing BeltLine project which gives space to local artists to display their genius and inspiration while encouraging people to get out, breathe the air and enjoy the sights, sounds, food and shopping in one area of this great city.

Why this post? This was one of the most enjoyable events of my Summer, spurned by one of the most devastating events in modern weather history. And it is brought to you courtesy of the weekly prompt ~vol~ by our good friend and host Linda Hill and her Stream of Consciousness Saturday event. Click the link for more great posts and the rules so that you can join in.


Meanwhile, here are some of  the most amazing food moments of our hurricane re~vol~ution.


 The Holiday Inn was gracious, friendly and even reduced our room rate during the hurricane. Thank you!



First stop, Roux on Canton, located on Canton St in Roswell, GA. Click on any photo for details about the picture

We had our first and last breakfasts at Peachtree Diner, just next to the hotel. The staff worked fast and friendly with all the pressure of increased volume and at one point, loss of power. The empty butter cup in the second photo? Yeah, that was in my grits. That’s G.R.I.T.S. Dan. 😉


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


There are many photos in this group, so here is a slide show of the BeltLine and Ponce Market.



Great cold beer and decent pork belly tacos at #Hola in Roswell.




We took the opportunity to visit one of the antebellum homes of Atlanta, Barrington Hall. I will post separately about the beautiful grounds there. Autumn was just tipping its hand with temps in the low to upper 60’s most mornings. It was so good to spend time with our son and his girlfriend as well as their gracious and fun friends.



Our last breakfast, just as the weather was taking a bad turn, was at a great little cafe called Cafe Au Lait. Although the wind was whipping up, this lovely couple had their doors open and served us some great breakfast food. And I spotted a little buddy who was also trying to shore himself up for the coming storm.

Yeahhhh. That’s my brunch, a fried chicken sandwich served at a respectable ten a.m.  Don’t judge me. I’m versatile. 😉



Ummmm.did I mention dessert? I lusted after the cakes in the display case at Peachtree Diner from the first day and finally got my ‘just desserts’ on our last night in Roswell. The Godiva? Part of my belated birthday gifts from my son. He is so great about indulging my chocolate addiction. I am still working on that box, one piece, one day at a time….





The weather finally caught up to us and was with us for awhile on our journey home but finally the sun came through and things were returning to normal as we made our way home. And I am thankful to say our home was intact with only a broken window and some yard devastation. One rose was smiling at us and all our little limes had hung on for dear life. I have to say going back was very bitterweet….




There were so many beautiful moments in Atlanta. Thank you!

Now, turn up the vol~ume for one of my favorite songs from my absolute favorite movie of this past decade. After the rain comes a rainbow. And vol~uminous possibility.


49 thoughts on “No Volcanoes Here/#SoCS/#Atlanta

  1. Cheryl, so glad your return home wasn’t too traumatic but it still sadly, was some damage.
    Chocolate in frozen coffee, layered cake and in candy form, yummy!
    The amazing meals caught my eye and the beautiful, historical Barrington Hall had me wishing to go visit Atlanta again. It has been quite awhile and yet, every place we went was memorable.
    The bumblebee was a great capture! 🐝
    Art along that area of the Beltline would be right up my alley! Take it easy! ~ Smiles, Robin


      1. I’m with you on Paris! I could get seriously fat if I stayed there too long. 😀Thanks so much. Atlanta was very lovely all the way around. I am sure there are challenges, as every city has them, but we felt quite at home there.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow, Cheryl, the food that was at your disposal…amazing! Being able to spend time with your son and enjoy what Atlanta had to offer during Irma’s wrath was a special gift. I’m glad you made it back home, safe and sound. 🙂


  3. Wow, Cheryl, What a selection. You did Irma in style. Good for you. I’m with you on the dark. My old fashions are sugar, bitters, Willits, and ice. Mmmm. Loved the post. Your food pictures were fabulous.


    1. Thanks John. My go to whiskey is normally Jameson only because it is found almost everywhere. But I honestly prefer Tullamore Dew or Angel’s Envy. The food was really a good as it looked. We were most fortunate to come home to a home.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s nice. They even allowed dogs for the evacuees (😏) which they don’t normally do. We don’t have any but so many people do. We felt very welcome in Roswell and Atlanta. The restaurant where my son’s GF works gave anyone from Florida a free beer. Beer always helps a little…😉


  4. Cheryl, seems all things turned out with new adventures given the forced weather conditions. Happy that you shared yours and you stayed safe. The guy’s though need you back at the bar! What will Dan do without Cheryl in the dialogue? 🌷 Christine


  5. Any good friend of Dan’s is an A+. Great post, Cheryl. I should have been following you ages ago. Looking forward to more on your trip to Atlanta. Sorry they don’t have any volcanos.


      1. This was number three. 1)Hurricane in Costa Rica (first in over 100 yrs) 2) Turrialba Volcano erupted spewing ash that closed down the San Jose airport 3) Hurricane Irma. Sigh……

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m sorry you missed Costa Rica, a most wonderful place, but you certainly had some wonderful experiences while you were on your forced vacation. Turned out rather well, I think, especially compared to the experiences of many.



    1. Thanks Janet. CR is a wonderful place and we loved it when we lived there. But there is beauty all around. Next post I will show some of the nature we enjoyed on the bright days in Atlanta, before Irma breezed into town.


      1. Yes, we lived there twice. Loved it. Which area did you visit? We lived in Manuel Antonio/Quepos but have visited other areas as well. I love th mountain regions of Savegre and Poas.


      2. Oh, my, that’s where we visited. Café Milagro was our favorite little hangout for after-adventure relaxation and food. Since we were only there for five full days, that’s where we stayed, but there’s plenty to see and do.


      3. Oh I loved Cafe Milagro. A bit pricey but I could get a frozen coffee there. It was heavenly after trekking up that long hill from the playitas. Pura Vida!


  7. That food all looks so good. I reblogged this for the folks that want you back at the bar. I think they’ll be happy to know you returned safe (and well-fed).

    Maybe I could eat grits if I added all the butter 🙂


  8. Reblogged this on No Facilities and commented:
    I though you guys would like to know what Cheryl was doing while we struggled with her replacement. Don’t try to do the geography, it only works in my head.

    I’m going to try and turn off comments over here.


    1. Awww….thanks so much Dan. I am honored to be at your place. You have such great friends. We had minor damage to a window and major damage to our little yard but we will get it back in shape for next year’s “season”. Unless we move to Atlanta. We loved it that much. 😉

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