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Well, even though our good friend Norm is out on vacation, the doors  torch has been handed off in his absence, this time to Manja Mexi Movie.  She is hosting this week’s event.  Be sure to visit her site at the link above and look for the blue frog that links to even more great doors posts.

This past week was a terrifyingly beautiful time for us.  The threat of one of the worst hurricanes in modern times knocked on our door, just a year after Florida was hit by hurricane Matthew. If you can believe it, we had plans made for our THIRD attempt to visit Costa Rica, the first two thwarted last year by not one, but two, major weather events.  The first was Costa Rica’s first hurricane threat in over one hundred years, the second was volcanic ash which closed down the San Jose airport and cancelling our flight. 😒


Imagine my trepidation when planning yet another getaway to our beloved paradise second home.  And sure enough, along comes the huge bitch of a storm, Irma.  I’d say pardon my French, but it isn’t French and I am not sorry. She was a beast.  My husband and I are more than familiar with hurricanes and weathered Katrina.  We know what it means when told to evacuate.  So, we cancelled our trip and made alternative plans to journey to Georgia.  One of our sons lives in Atlanta, but the nearest hotel we could find was in Roswell.  I am taking this moment to say thank you to the wonderful people of Roswell and the Holiday Inn there.  They were so accommodating and helpful to all of ‘refugees’ from the storm and a few days later they would have their own introduction Irma.


But, for the first few days there we enjoyed balmy, Autumn like days and great Southern food and time with family and new friends as well as having the chance to explore a little bit of Atlanta-enough to make me fall in love with it. There is a great stretch known as the Atlanta Beltline Project . You can read all about it at the link but here is a brief synopsis from the post and I will definitely be posting more photos we took later on.  The walkway is filled with original and innovative art, a skate park and skirts areas of the city with shopping and wonderful food.


The Atlanta BeltLine in 5

The Atlanta BeltLine is the most comprehensive transportation and economic development effort ever undertaken in the City of Atlanta and among the largest, most wide-ranging urban redevelopment programs currently underway in the United States.


What I will share with you here now is the Tiny Doors of Atlanta.  We only found a few but the artists involved have spread them in random places all over the city.  When you find one it is like a treasure!  I hope you enjoy these and I thank my son and his beautiful girlfriend for introducing us to these precious wonders.  We love you!



To learn more about these Tiny Doors visit the link here.  Meanwhile, here are the ones we found on our walk along the BeltLine.  I felt so connected to art, to vision, to nature.  It was an amazing few hours. I hope you enjoy the doors and check out the links to the doors history.




Welcome to the Atlanta BeltLine, a place of wonder, exhilaration, peace, harmony and stimulating inspiration.  Not the least of these are the tiny doors you can find if you just look closely….




Our first door of the walk was spotted near the old railway bridge and I just had to snap the bridge photo for my fellow doors fanatic Dan Antion. I know you love trains and old bridges. How about an old train bridge, Dan? The tiny doors replicate a real Atlanta semi famous Gentleman’s club.




Take a closer look at this Tiny Door for you will see it again when I post about the amazing food we had in Atlanta.  This one was spotted outside the most marvelous Revolution Doughnuts  shop.  Ooooo….Mmmmm…..Geeeeee……




And this beautiful tiny door was somewhere in the middle of our walk.  Were there more? Perhaps.  Will there be more? Without a doubt! I am thinking I would surely love to create a door myself to add to the collection.


Meanwhile….here are a couple of the wonderful art pieces found along the BeltLine.  And stay tuned for more……






Next time, the sights, sounds and foods of Roswell, GA.  Oh, and the best news of all.  No tree fell on our little home.  We made out okay.  Irma spared us.  We are thankful!

21 thoughts on “Tiny Doors/#ThursdayDoors/#Atlanta

  1. Ohh, what fun and joy and bliss! Are you sure that whoever invented the Tiny Doors has never heard of Thursday Doors? We will never know for sure… 😉 Thank you so much for this post, I love the art and the door inside the rainbow! 😮


    1. Hopefully they will now! In my photos I have a shot of the entire column where the tainbow door is. There is a poignant piece of poetry with it. I think part of it is visible in one shot here. So glad you enjoyed it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so glad you guys are home safe and sound and you home is the same. Thanks for the mention. Old train bridge you can walk on? Oh, I love it. The tiny doors are amazing and your other photos are beautiful. The only bad thing is that I want a donut 🍩


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