A Birthday Berth/#SoCS

Birthing a new blog post is never easy. Hi guys. What a week! Welcome to another edition of Linda Hill’s SoCS Each week there is a new prompt and loads of great posts to enjoy. Tap on the limk (oops) to check them out and say hi to Linda.



Ummmm….not his cake but I did actually make this one for my son and myself on our ‘collective’ birthday. Yes, those are homemade chocolate covered (fresh) cherries. Cream filling (I knew you’d want to know)😜

“Who’s birthday is it”, you may be asking. Let’s just say ‘he who does not like to be named just had a birthday and it was very low kwy. That is because his gift is returning to that land we both have grown to love and consider a second home. Soon we will visit Costa Rica and I hope to have some amazing photos and reasons to write posts after we return. In this prompt there is no editing so you are likely to see some booboos from yours truly.

Meanwhile we hope to see some of this while in the land of Pura Vida!




And have lots of time to do some of this…




And generally find a great place to berth…



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