Musical Doors/#Thursdaydoors



Yes, look closely, there is a door back there. And I think it’s pretty too. I don’t use that door though. At this favorite marina hangout we enjoy being at the bar on the deck. Even if it is rainy, the outside bar is where things are happening. The live music, the view and the bar are out there. And my new pal, Joey here, isn’t allowed inside. But for a buck you can get raw shrimp to feed him. No, I didn’t feed him. The animals just seem to hang around me for the photo ops and I am more than happy to oblige.


Oh, the musical part? I just woke up trying to think of songs about doors today. Enjoy and Happy Thursday!

This post is brought to you by Norm Frampton at Norm 2.0. He is taking a hiatus this week but there is a link to this week’s host if you click on My link just above. Then you can join in the Thursday Doors prompt too!



And a song by, well, The Doors!


20 thoughts on “Musical Doors/#Thursdaydoors

  1. well thanks for the music – I only enjoyed the first song – but it was enough – that is such a great jam (and I heard it was one of the number on remade songs ever…. and I love Avril’s version…) anyhow, I also like the teal door – and that bird!


      1. actually just started listening to “green door” – never heard it – so thansk for that too
        and I agree – G&R’s is so-so


  2. You’ve got Joey and we’ve all got Joey this week. I think animals must just sense the love you have for them.

    I love the songs you picked. “People Are Strange” is one of my favorite songs by the Doors.

    Outside with the music, birds and bar sounds like the right choice.


    1. Thanks Dan. Joey was such a trooper. He stayed the entire time we were there. Guess he really loves shrimp. 😉Jim Morrison was brilliant. I posted Dylan’s version of Knockin On Heaven’s Door due to it being the original. But I grew up with Clapton’s version which I really love too. You can never go wrong with birds, music, beer and water!

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