Beneath the Beauty/#photography



When you behold the immense beauty of this Earth,

what do you see?





Turquoise sky, moonlit night?

Do you ever wonder what makes up the beauty,

what treasures lie beneath the shining surface?




Let me show you!





While the view from the top is pretty,

we are each but rungs on the vast ladder of creation,

a strong link in an ancient chain

of existence.



Every soft fiber,

each glistening raindrop,

is but a stroke of the

Creator’s brush.


When you look at a piece of art

what do you see?




A mountain view,

a golden sunset,

a bronze goddess?


do you see broad and delicate strokes,

of red, orange, azure and emerald?

Do you smell the clay and trace the

imprinted lines that created her form?




This life is a masterpiece,

yet it is only as grand as the sum of its parts.



All things bright and beautiful,

all things great and small,





All we know as wonderful




Together become the



Step through the looking glass,

tumble down the rabbit hole,

drop your house on a wicked witch,

scarmble through the crowded wardrobe,

wave your wand!


See behind the curtain and peek into the Wizard’s bag of gifts. For that is where the real treasures wait.



15 thoughts on “Beneath the Beauty/#photography

      1. The gods failed Domhan. They couldn’t interfere with freewill. Ar’tine, the Dark Lord, could, though. So Domhan fell.
        I don’t understand. What is the use of freewill if it endangers the whole planet? Where will freewill find another planet? Humans aren’t learning anything. We are stuck on a revolving rock where time keeps doubling back on itself, bringing with it the same horrors over and over again. It’s a cycle of hell. To be stuck here when the universe is infinitely large. To die so young–so young, really – – when the universe is billions of years old. Whether a person lives to be a hundred, it is still nothing, not even a speck in a scale of a billion years. I have thought that something is missing in human history. Somebody or something didn’t want us to live long or leave earth. So they bound earth with dangerous solar radiation, killed Mars and the moon (the nearest bodies), made distances to other planets too long – – billions of light years-and made life in Space impossible. So now we are stuck on earth, dying prematurely, stuck with the politics and a system of leadership that churns lunatics, liars and warmongers. Not to mention a broken society where cops shoot 6-month old babies and children commit suicide because they are overcome with hopelessness.


  1. Awesome photos and thoughts! For the first time ever, I got some shots of my mother’s flowers in her yard and really noticed the amazing rainbow effect on the flies that were crawling over them. I got some decent pics of them, but it was only when I got the pictures onto my laptop screen did I notice how many ants were on the flowers too. Amazing what you can find if you want to see…


    1. Yes it is. I call it ‘seeing what isn’t there’ p, because most people only look at the big picture. As an artist, if I focus too much on the big picture I am often disappointed with my work. It is better to just let the pieces fall into place. Thanks! Ha! Ants are such photobombers. 😉

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