I Love to Take a Photograph/#1linerwednesday

So Mama don’t take my Kodachrome away.  Great song by Paul Simon.   I love the brilliance a color photography, especially in the digital age.  Still, there is depth and character to a great monochrome photo.  Normally I resort to it when the color version is over or underdeveloped.  I should do more of it intentionally. What say you?




Do things really look worse in ‘black and white’? Paul?

This song brings me back to Jr. High School.  Fer sure…..


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14 thoughts on “I Love to Take a Photograph/#1linerwednesday

  1. Funny, I was singing this song in my head the other day. I love B&W photos, Cheryl! Please provide examples from time to time. I tend to utilize B&W when the lighting doesn’t turn out or the photo has a red spot from the sun. Works like magic!


    1. Thanks Dan. And wor unto he who tries. With traveling on the horizon, I am considering a sticker for it that says, ‘Please don’t make me choose my camera over your life.” 😳 Life is so weird. I can’t imagine myself taking a peanut from anyone let alone something precious.

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      1. A woman I work with told us that she had her pocketbook over the back of a bar stool in a nice restaurant and someone lifted her wallet out of it. Hold your loved one close and your camera closer 😉 (Sorry, Lee)


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