Meanwhile..Back in the Studio


So, as much as I love being out in nature and capturing it with my camera, I also love creating things. So many different things. I love to color, draw, paint, make pottery and jewelry…pretty much anything that involves imagination. I don’t usually share all of my projects but I was so excited after completing my button piece I just had to share it here.


It all started with this huge collection of buttons given to me by a friend at work. First I made some jewelry pieces with them which was fun and pretty well recieved.

My friend had the buttons all separated pretty well by color; and as I was cleaning up the organization a bit I had an idea to do a painitng with buttons as an added 3 dimensional enhancement. What follows is that process.



It took several weeks overall, but a lot of that was thinking  she was complete while continuing to add little touches here or there. One thing that holds true for me is that an art piece is never done until I hang it or give it away.



Until finally you put down the buttons, the glue and walk away.  Now she is hung and I consider her complete. What do you think?




And speaking of jewelry, I have seen these for awhile now and wanted to give them a try. Such fun! I love creating these tree of life pieces…..



Happy creating this week everyone!

27 thoughts on “Meanwhile..Back in the Studio

      1. Pen and ink (modified) is my favorite medium. But photography and jewelry design are my favorites by far. I am trying to do more watercolor also.


  1. OH my goodness, Cheryl, these creations are gorgeous!! I LOVE your painting!! You have so many talents you make my head spin! I must admit I’m a bit green cause I too love to create yet with this cat project going, my creating has ceased except for photography. What an imagination! You found a home for those sad little buttons just wanting to be a part of something again. Way to go!! I suggest you sell your creations locally. They are so unique and so gorgeous I bet many people would buy them. Wow!!! ❤


    1. Thanks so much Amy. I’m glad you like them. Your cat project is its own creation but I so get what you are expressing. Maybe a few cat sketches? While I am a voracious creator, i fall short in the marketing department. I have always given away far more than I have sold.

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      1. I honestly don’t know why I said what I did because I know this about you. Your art is so different and so beautiful I can honestly see people really wanting it. I too used to give away what I made …. I still don’t feel comfy about putting a price tag on my art either. LOL 😂


      2. Maybe I am just lazy abput setting up the proper accounts. Maybe it is about me not wanting to turn my art into a necessity. I would it if people wanted to buy it but pronoting it is another thing altogether. 😏

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  2. These are both amazing pieces. I love the button-dress. The tree pendant is very pretty. I love the way the roots (?) are bent to give it a natural look. Very nicely done!


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