Sealing the Day/#SoCS

Sealing the day and my purpose in it,






I slip quietly into a warm morning light, carrying my treasures with me.



And so the journey begins, with a word, a thousand words,




Words waiting patiently bound captive until I bring them to life beneath the sun as the cicadas sing and the creatures crawl up to greet me.




All beneath an ever changing sky scape of blue and billowy white…




Until the tiny terror arrives to stop the words, the story ended and down comes the magnificent azure ceiling…..

*For other wonderful posts and the details of   Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt just click here.

23 thoughts on “Sealing the Day/#SoCS

  1. Not a big fan on wasps either, Cheryl. I love sitting out on my chair under a tree with a book. I’m soaking up all the summer I can. Love your shots of the sky and trees. Ahhhhhhh yep that’s book reading mode for sure! 😉


    1. I so love being outside. It opens up my senses so that I feel connected. But the vampire mosquitoes and bitter wasos are giving me a real run for it thus Summer. Sigh.


      1. I use a lotiin calked Vermont Lotion Co. Outdoor Defense Citrus Spray. It works. And it really is natural. My secret when outdoors I try to keep moving. 🤣😉


      2. I got a great citronella lotion when we were in the Savegre mountains in Costa Rica. A pharmacist there also gave me some pills to take before going into the jungle on adventures. It was thiamine and caffeine. He said also to drink coffee before going. He said B6 in the bloodstream is ehat helps to keep them at bay. They can’t identify your blood and perspiration that way. It worked for us.

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      3. Huh. I take garlic and cayenne pepper in with my smoothies and that seems to help immensely. B6? Huh again. That is good to know! Anything NOT to be bitten alive which I have. And I know citronella works cause I have a bunch of candles for the backyard. So far so good!! 🙂


      4. I have a candle I always bring with me wjen I sit o my swing. I have some pure citronella oil which works great but hubby doesn’t like the smell, says it is too much. I mix it with coconut oil and can rub it on my ankles. Chiggers find me any time of year and are far worse than the mosquitoes. Oddly enough, the only time mosquitoes bothered us in Costa Rica was during a dry spell. They have such a balanced eco system it’s amazing.

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      5. Where there is a balanced eco system the insects truly are not vicious too badly. Our property is an example. We don’t use chemicals except for the ones I MUST use on my roses. My neighbors on the other hand use chemicals a LOT. The moment my feet are on their property I can feel the difference in energy and I seem to get bitten a whole lot more over there then I do on our property. I’ve actually sat outside at times with no lotion, no candles and not gotten bitten. I will see Costa Rica some day. I will!!!


      6. I know you will. I have met so many wonderful people since I met Dan, through his blog. You and I were acquainted before but never really knew one another. Hi Amy! So nice to meet you! We do try to use organic and natural saop type solutions when we can. Sadly, I have been spider bitten twice in recent years so we have to keep them down. The brown recluse is prevalent here. I have no ambivolence towards them if they would just stop biting me…

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      7. 😳😱The brown recluse spider? OMG! You’ve been bitten? Me too! It was excruitiating and not knowing what bit me I drove myself to my then doctor’s office and while I was waiting to be seen, doubled over with chest pain. I was rushed to an ER where the yoyo’s insisted to admit me for a cardiac workup and I kept on saying NO!!!! I was bitten by a spider darn it! Yoyo’s asked … sure you didn’t step on a piece of glass? No joke, Cheryl! Finally, a resident took pity on me when I pulled out the IV’s and shouted I’m going home NOW and he gave me a script for antibiotics. What good they did. I took maybe 2 pills and threw the rest out. The brown recluse is not common around here but hubby must have brought them in while he was building our pole barn …. the lumber. They are nasty and they hurt! My sympathies!


      8. Wow Amy. That is awful. Yoyos indeed. I could tell you stories but I won’t. What idiots. I’m so sorry about your bite. Uggg. I have been bitten by spiders at least three times in my life. I don’t rcall a lot of pain but the recluse bite started with a red ring which I thought was a ringworm from a kitty we took in that needed a lot of health rejuvenation. But I had been pruning plants so likely that is when it happened. The wound just kept getting larger no matter what I did. Finally I went in to the doctor and they gave me strong antibiotics and a card for a dermatologist for plastic surgery if it didn’t heal. 😱I made sure it did. The last one was on the bottom of my foot. Made the mistake of hiking a short leafy trail in sandals. I never saw what bit me but it worked the same way. I ended up with a 1/4 inch hole in my foot. Talk about a trial to heal that place! But I did it all myslef with naturopathic treatments. It took months to finally disappear. I think I should be able to spin webs now. 🙊

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      9. I too could tell you stories. About my bite I had a hole in one of my toes with that toe extremely red and painful. When I got bit I felt something akin to lightening spike up my leg. Horrible! And back to medicine … let’s just say between what I saw as an RN and my personal experience as a patient, I went fully absolutley believing in the system to avoiding it as much as I can. As it is I must see my GP every 6 months and that is more then I would like. I refuse testing and all vaccines. I am a strong 💪 believer in natural health … eating right, living right, exercising, have JOY in my heart, doing what I love to do. I have strong opinions about modern medicine regarding certain matters … Anyways thank goodness you took matters in your own hands and healed that foot of yours. I cannot believe you had 1/4 inch hole!! Unreal! I got off easy compared to you! Whoa! We both could spin webs with not only spider tales but life tales as well. LOL


      10. That is the truth! 😀 My Olive Leaf extract and fresh trumeric teas saved that foot along with domoboro soaks and constant care. I found out how strong and beligerent I really when it comes to my health. Every six months for me as well. I don’t play with my blood pressure but I will not do testing either. That’s all I am saying about that. 🙊


    1. No kidding. And I’m allergic. Not the anaphylactic allergic but enough that I stay far away. I’m just proud I didn’t scream and fling. I find toughness in ageing. No worries..he’s gone on to a better place. 🤗

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    1. I had a brief nature loving moment where I thought perhaps we could share the morning but no. The ‘sting’ of too many memories haunts me. I actually stepped on one once that someone had just killed and was sweeping out the door. As. Young child I went running through the doorway and stepped right on it. Even dying it stung three of my toes!


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