Saving Grace



Amazing Grace,

how sweet the face




In innocent trust

does what it must




To survive and thrive…



to stay alive.




Can we then

just pretend




We own no blame,

deny the shame



of apathetic neglect

and gross disrespect



for those whose future

we juggle in our hands




as we ravage the lands,

and pollute the seas




in our quest for power,

secure in ivory towers




raised atop the bones

of the guileless ones

who came before.




Look into the face

of moon hanging in space,

for how could we replace

such magnificence?




Nature knows its place,

gaze into its face

and make a solmn vow




To be its Saving Grace.



10 thoughts on “Saving Grace

    1. Thank you so much. I am happy my message was understood. We only have so much time, but most humans don’t really understand we are fighting for our own survival in the end. Nature will find its way when all is said and done.


  1. Love, love, love Cheryl! The photo of the squirrel with nut is adorable and the one of the moon is haunting.

    If only all humans would take part in saving the planet and its creatures. There is so much beauty in the world that needs to be taken care of rather than destroyed.

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    1. It takes each person to care and do something. Sadly, too many people only jnow how to follow a “cause” or join a group. I don’t do it all right but I try as much as possible. And I sure do appreciate the gifts of the Earth.

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  2. It’s always sad to see the senseless disregard for the environment, whether on a large scale or someone just tossing garbage on the ground when they were probably 20′ from a trash can. Spending a little time watching these creatures, as they try to survive with us as neighbors, really makes me appreciate the beauty of your photos even more.

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